My Favourite Albums at the Moment

As well as writing songs I listen to alot of music, which sometimes inspires me. The type of music I listen to changes all the time, but always approach new sounds with an open mind. Because when I or other people write songs it is just a refection of personal experiences and sounds which have been absorbed and processed over time. At the moment I am listening to alot of new albums and some older ones, which are listed below. Without music the planet would be a strange place , it seems natural to me to express a feeling in a song and without the artists and bands that have kept me company over the years I do not know if I would have played guitar and composed any songs. Friends come and go, but the music is always there.

Here’s my list of my favourite albums at the moment:-
1)Mike Oldfield – music of the spheres
2) Beth Orton – central reservation
3) Gaslight anthem – american slang
4) Bob Dylan – highway 61 revisited
5) Airbourne – No guts, no glory
6) Black crowes – croweology
7) Stone temple pilots – stone temple pilots
8) Future sound of london – lifeforms
9) Levellers – levelling the land
10) Ozric tentacles – the hidden step

Pearl Jam Live at Manchester Arena, 17/08/09

On the 17th of august I went to see pearl jam at manchester, the last time I went to see them was nine years before at the same venue. Being a big inspiration on my music I was looking forward to the gig for many months. After a few beers , we arrived at the arena, gomez were supporting and warmed up the crowd well.

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My Top 20 Favourite Singers

Here’s my top 20 favourite singers

  1. Jim Morrison(the doors)
  2. Layne Staley(alice in chains)
  3. Kate Rusby
  4. Eddie Vedder(pearl jam)
  5. Bon Scott(ac/dc)
  6. Natacha Atlas
  7. June Tabor
  8. Chris Cornell(soundgarden)
  9. Bob Marley
  10. Adam Duritz(counting crows)
  11. Mark Lanagan
  12. Sandy Denny(fairport convention)
  13. Mari Boine
  14. Kurt Cobain(nirvana)
  15. Brandon Boyd(incubus)
  16. Greg Allman
  17. Joey Ramone
  18. Mark Arm(mudhoney)
  19. John Jones(oysterband)
  20. Dave Grohl(foo fighters)

New album track listing

I’ve been working hard on creating and writing new songs over the past year and found I had enough to record a double album, my second double collection , first being ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ released in 2013. I’m pretty excited about the new additions to the artistic collection and although no real concept unlike ‘Hegelian’ (which was about stardom , insanity, and compromise) …it provides a social commentary on these confusing and somewhat dark times. The tracklisting is listed below and will go into my home studio and record later this year. Thankyou.

1)I’m a seeker
2)Lost Galaxy
4)Outside the outsiders
8)All around the world
10) No one to trust
11)Digital sky


1) Escalator
2) Cradle
3) Travelling
4) Blue sky
5) sinister forces
6) Romeo
7) Soul Trap
8) Divided
9) Enemy
10) Circles
11) All the love
12) Thankyou

So that’s it. Believe my songwriting has evolved and look forward to sharing them. Meanwhile the third single ‘Ancient Sun’ from my latest ‘Lullaby’ will released on my website on the 3rd October 2016. Thanks for reading. take care xx

My Fifteen Favourite Songs at the Moment

  1. Neil Young – after the gold rush
  2. Bob Dylan – desolation row
  3. Soundgarden – outshined(live)
  4. Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate – 56
  5. Gomez – our goodbye
  6. Live – the river
  7. Ramones – rockaway beach
  8. Javier Ruibal- isla mujeres
  9. Tamikrest – dihad tedoun itran
  10. Stone Temple Pilots – crackerman
  11. Pink Floyd – wish you were here
  12. Warren Zevon – splendid isolation
  13. Foo Fighters – back and forth
  14. Bunny Wailer – this train
  15. Otis Reading – (sittin on)the dock of the bay

Pearl Jam, Manchester Arena, UK, 21st June 2012

Pearl Jam have been a big influence throughout my life, on my music and constantly a companion through tough times. So when they announced shows at manchester earlier in the year I couldn’t believe it and was grateful when they added a second show , as the first sold out in hours. We travelled from north wales to get to manchester and arrived at about 6pm. We were in time to see the support band , X , which were a very tight and very loud punk band. Then the lights went down and piano music circled the arena , pearl jam entered the arena and went straight into Go, the crowd singing along and releasing the emotion into the air. I felt tears rise as they led into Animal and one of my favourite tracks,Hail, Hail, with the encompassing lines, ‘hail, hail, the lucky ones,I refer to those in love’.

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Diary of Creativity 17

I’ve just finished recording my ep, Top Secret and the tracks will be released early next year. Also practicing songs for my fith album,13, which will be recorded in early 2013. Also in the process of writing a book about my life and my struggle with mental illness, hopely removing the stigma attached to it. Will probably be a short story, but will encompass the theories circling through my head, which comes through in some of my songs.

Diary of Creativity 25

I’ve designed a cover for my next release Hegelian Dialectic, and will release the first track, Memories soon. Also been working on insrumentals, based around blues and rag time, may record some in the future. Constantly searching for new songs and just wait patiently for them to arrive, where they come from I just don’t know, that’s the interesting part. Also practicing several covers, such as Sirens by Pearl Jam and Long May You Run by Neil Young, it’s good vocal practice and interesting to explore another artists creative space, which can be inspiring. Anyway, thanks for reading and listening to my music. Peace.

Albums which inspire

I listen to music all the time and use as it as a source of inspiration, as were all connected thoughts, actions it’s only natural to want to connect. Currently the following are on heavy rotation:~

Dub syndicate – Hard food
John Jones – Never stop moving
Lau – The bell that never rang
Ajja & Cosmosis – The alien jams
Neil Young – Le Noise
Beth Orton – Sugaring Season
Various artists – Strange constellations
Pearl jam – live at Leeds July 8 2014(official bootleg)

So there you have it…some artists you may of heard of others you may not, hope I’ve inspired you to check out some cool music. Yep it may be not on the radio,but it’s better that way, not part of the mainstream , honest and true. Peace xx

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