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I will be releasing two songs every two weeks from my seventh album 'Outside the Outsiders', free to download. It was recorded during the years 2017/18 and encompasses topics affecting many of us today, such as Brexit, climate change, the refugee crisis, isolation, loneliness and hopefully shines a dim light of hope in these demanding times. Thanks for listening and enjoy the music Peace:)

What I’m Listening to – Albums

  • Turin Brakes – jackinthebox
  • Travis – the man who
  • Ben harper – both sides of the gun
  • Neil young and crazy horse – zuma
  • Chemical brothers – come with us
  • Ash – intergalactic sonic 7″s
  • Black crowes- warpaint
  • Eagles – best of
  • Bjork – debut
  • Sheryl Crow – very best of

Diary of Creativity 25

I’ve designed a cover for my next release Hegelian Dialectic, and will release the first track, Memories soon. Also been working on insrumentals, based around blues and rag time, may record some in the future. Constantly searching for new songs and just wait patiently for them to arrive, where they come from I just don’t know, that’s the interesting part. Also practicing several covers, such as Sirens by Pearl Jam and Long May You Run by Neil Young, it’s good vocal practice and interesting to explore another artists creative space, which can be inspiring. Anyway, thanks for reading and listening to my music. Peace.

Close encounters in 1878

The first appearance of the term “saucer” was in 1878 , nearly 70 years before the famous Arnold sighting . On January 24 of that year, John Martin, a texas farmer, who lived just south of Denison, saw a dark disc-shaped object sailing high in the heavens “at a wonderful speed”. When relating what he saw , he described the thing as a saucer. * Two giant luminous wheels estimated as about 130 feet in diameter were observed spinning above the surface and then slowly descending into the waters of the persian gulf by the crew of the ship vulture on may 13 1879.

The following year a british east company steamer, Patna sighted wheels of a similar sort in the same part of the ocean. Years later other reports added to the mystery. Again in the persian gulf a huge rotating wheel was observed by the S.S. Kilwa on April 10 1901 and in the gulf of Oman a giant wheel was observed by a british steamer. These semi- aquatic spinning wheels have been thought by some to originate in the oceans or possibly be submersible spacecraft. * On the morning of august 12 1883 Senor Jose A.V. Bonilla director of the Zacatecas observatory in Mexico was studying sunspots when he noticed a whole succession of luminous bodies crossing the sun in the same direction. In two hours he counted 283 bodies and the next day 116 of these UFOs . Bonilla was convinced that these mysterious bodies were ” travelling in space near the earth, but not so far as the moon”.

Albums which inspire

I listen to music all the time and use as it as a source of inspiration, as were all connected thoughts, actions it’s only natural to want to connect. Currently the following are on heavy rotation:~

Dub syndicate – Hard food
John Jones – Never stop moving
Lau – The bell that never rang
Ajja & Cosmosis – The alien jams
Neil Young – Le Noise
Beth Orton – Sugaring Season
Various artists – Strange constellations
Pearl jam – live at Leeds July 8 2014(official bootleg)

So there you have it…some artists you may of heard of others you may not, hope I’ve inspired you to check out some cool music. Yep it may be not on the radio,but it’s better that way, not part of the mainstream , honest and true. Peace xx


Spring is here in the UK and flying migrants are appearing in the sky. Over the last few days I’ve seen swallows, swifts, house martins and chiff chaffs, all arriving from africa. Flowers are also blossoming in the woodland such as blue bells, lesser celandine, wood anemone and common dog violet. The trees are also changing and beech , lime and sycamore are coming into leaf. The seasonal change has begun and everything is coming to life.

Thoughts and Reflections on Chaos

As the native american, Black Elk said life is a circle, like the seasons in nature. It’s hard to see where this circle is going, with climate change, war and poverty, will there be a positive change. From the slums of south america th the shanty towns of africa wheres the sharing of wealth and equality of life. Greed is the enemy, corporations control the day. From the cd you buy to the petrol you put in your car it’s a vicious circle. We’re all unknowingly contributing to the change in climate, it’s a trap of which it appears we have no escape.

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Thoughts and reflections – April 2016

Every week passes by and we adapt to our environment and process the information we consciously interact with. What’s important what’s to be discarded . My actions whether through writing a song or showing an act of kindness are my contribution to this circle of consciousness we all share , without pretension we’re all important to finding a postitive outcome for this. It’s easy to be consumed by fear and things we don’t understand, but I ve come to trust my instincts and believe good outweighs the bad. The refugee crisis , the instability of the Middle East, climate change…it’s hard to see a solution, but we must. In the uk , benefit claimants have become targets of the state, the vulnerable need support, so they can suprise us with acts of bravery and show life as test to be overcome and enjoyed. Governments are to serve the people not isolate and protect their future interest. So it’s 2016 and were divided by borders ,but in essence were all,wanting the same thing , a bright future for the children we love. So let’s be mature and responsible for future generations, I won’t be seduced by technology but use it as a tool to spread a positive message, if we all do this I believe love can change the world. We can only hope……

My Top Ten Dance Albums

During the 90’s in the UK, there was a vibrant dance scene and many gear albums were made. Psychedelic trance and drum and bass were my favourite genres and still are. Here’s my top ten albums:-

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Diary of Creativity 3

In the last week I have been recording demos of new songs, which will be recorded into better quality in the near future. I have got 15 songs to record and have decided to call the album “As above, so below”, as shown in my previous entry I have a keen interest in astrology and this title comes from the famous hermetic maxim that human beings are affected by the stars in the heavens.

The Universe

Sitting here listening to the cosmic rough riders album, enjoy the melodic sunshine, it occurs to me what an insignificant dot we are in the vastness of space. We are 149,600,000km from the sun, any more closer and we would not even be here. We are in a galaxy called the milkyway in which our solar system is located. It is made up of billions of stars and there millions of galaxies in the universe,mad is it not!

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