Planetary Spirals -  Singer/Songwriter John Lee

Diary of Creativity 16

I'm currently working on a concept album called, 'Cells(the fifth sun)', I have about 30 songs to work on and will record sometime later next year. Meanwhile I'm in the process of recording an EP called 'Top Secret' to be released early next year. Also been trying different tunings and developing my slide guitar to expand my repertoire.

Diary of Creativity 15

I'm currently practicing songs to record later this year and will form a four track e.p. called Top Secret. The songs included are 1)top secret 2)let it go 3)endless hymn 4)hold on. I'm also selecting songs to record soon for my 5th album, 13 , and will look to release it early next year.

Diary of Creativity 14

I've been practicing songs to record later this year for my new album, '13'. The tracklisting is as follows - 1)control 2)sad 3)travelling 4)move-along 5)conversation 6)transition 7)grail 8)echo 9)love 10) broken promises.

Diary of creativity 13

I've been busy writing lyrics , which are more autobiographical in nature and have composed 4 to 5 songs this year. Its a conceptual project of internal feelings and emotional expression, about the past, present and future. It combines the positive and negative and the song selection will express these opposites and hopefully balance out into a strong album.

Diary of Creativity 12

I've been writng and practicing songs for a new recording , which I will hopefully finish by the end of the year. Titled , 13, it will be an album of about 15 songs.

Diary of Creativity 11

I've been busy selecting songs to record later this year and hopefully will be a strong album. Similar in stlye to previous recordings, it will tackle themes such as identity and isolation. And also the feeling of being dis- connected from these modern times. It will consist of 12 songs, with titles such as echo, move along and perception.

Diary of Creativity 10

I've been writing new songs lately , got about ten strong songs that I might record later this year.Also been practicing my technique on my guitars , using my ovation and washburn. In a month or so I will be releasing a new song from the album 'as above, so below'. Thanks for showing an interest.

Diary of Creativity 9

I recorded my new album, "As above, so below", from the 1st march to the 7th of march and I am very pleased with the final recording. In a month or so I will be putting a new track off this album onto my website. In the meantime I am putting on a new version of Pop Culture , recorded during these sessions. Hope you like it.

My Favourite Films at the Moment

1) Big Fish - Director - Tim Burton
2) Ghost in the shell - Dir - Mamoru Oshii
3) Pans Labyrinth - Dir - Guillermo del toro
4) Pom Poko - Dir - Isao Takahata
5) A scanner darkly - Dir - Richard Linklater
7) Crouching tiger, hidden dragon - Dir - Ang Lee
8) Avatar - Dir - James Cameron
9) The Ring - Dir- Hideo Nakata
10) Into the wild - Dir - Sean Penn

Diary of Creativity 7

I have been busy designing a new website, with the help of my brother, which will coincide with the release of new songs. I am still writing songs now and then, so it is deciding on 12 or 15 songs to record and release hopefully before christmas.

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