Planetary Spirals -  Singer/Songwriter John Lee

Diary of Creativity 6

I have recently recorded a demo, on my 4- track, called "Echo" with 7 new songs, with titles such as driftin and travelling. I now have around 25 songs to choose from to record in the near future. I am pretty confident with the quality of the songs and they are based around familiar themes, such as nature and the modern world.

Football World Cup – South Africa, 2010

The world cup is now underway in South Africa and it looks like being a close tournament. Being english I will be supporting England, but can not see them winning, they have to play alot better. So far I have been impressed with Germany, Uruguay and particularly Argentina, who just beat South Korea 4-1 and play an impressive passing game.

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UK Elections 2010

In the United Kingdom people will vote, including myself, in the 2010 election, its going to be a close run election between the three main parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats. The right to vote (or suffrage) went through many stages, in universal suffrage the right to vote is not restricted by race, gender, belief, wealth or social status, the first country to use this was France in 1792, although women were not allowed to vote until 1944.

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Diary of Creativity 4

Over the past few weeks I have been practicing my new songs, to be recorded in the near future. Also I purchased a new guitar last week, a freshman ,and have been trying different tunings, normally preferring. I have about 15 songs to record and hope to improve the quality of recording.

Diary of Creativity 3

In the last week I have been recording demos of new songs, which will be recorded into better quality in the near future. I have got 15 songs to record and have decided to call the album "As above, so below", as shown in my previous entry I have a keen interest in astrology and this title comes from the famous hermetic maxim that human beings are affected by the stars in the heavens.

Diary of Creativity 2

I have been writing alot of new songs lately, with titles such as rising moon, time and space, static and perception, which I hope to record later in the year. Also been playing electric guitar particularly working on instrumentals. Also been practicing covers, by artists such as nirvana, bob dylan and pearl jam.

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