Planetary Spirals -  Singer/Songwriter John Lee

Outside The Outsider’s

I've finished recording my seventh album, titled 'Outside the Outsider`s'. The tracklisting is listed below [portfolio]
  1. Animal
  2. Cradle
  3. In Time
  4. Summer of '17
  5. Home
  6. Outside the Outsiders
  7. Generation X
  8. Black
  9. Blue Sky
  10. Divided
  11. Fading Sun
  12. Messenger
  13. Infinite
[/portfolio] [portfolio] Outside the Outsider's Art Work [/portfolio]

The album will be streamed on my website for a couple of weeks from the 31st of October

New album track listing

I've been working hard on creating and writing new songs over the past year and found I had enough to record a double album, my second double collection , first being 'Hegelian Dialectic' released in 2013. I'm pretty excited about the new additions to the artistic collection and although no real concept unlike 'Hegelian' (which was about stardom , insanity, and compromise) provides a social commentary on these confusing and somewhat dark times. The tracklisting is listed below and will go into my home studio and record later this year. Thankyou.

1)I'm a seeker
2)Lost Galaxy
4)Outside the outsiders
8)All around the world
10) No one to trust
11)Digital sky


1) Escalator
2) Cradle
3) Travelling
4) Blue sky
5) sinister forces
6) Romeo
7) Soul Trap
8) Divided
9) Enemy
10) Circles
11) All the love
12) Thankyou

So that's it. Believe my songwriting has evolved and look forward to sharing them. Meanwhile the third single 'Ancient Sun' from my latest 'Lullaby' will released on my website on the 3rd October 2016. Thanks for reading. take care xx

Top Ten

Currently listening to the following albums..
    Benjamin Booker Teenage fan club - Bandwagonesque Peter Tosh - Equal rights Band of Horses - Acoustic at the ryman Natalie Merchant - paradise is there Black Uhuru - Liberation Soundgarden - down on the upside Jason Isbell - something more than free Brain cell Alice in Chains - the devil put dinosaurs here.....

Thoughts and reflections – selling the soul

The music industry in modern times is a wash with symbolism , it's not really a new thing, but now seems to be a plague of  artists showing these signs, and to be honest I'm pretty sick of it. The young are digesting these symbols in there sub conscious unaware of there nefarious origins. It can be linked to the infamous satanist A. Crowley and he's history is linked with many dark acts, Jay Z now advertises his famous saying do what thou wilt...So where does that leave artists like myself, you may observe symbolism in my artwork, but I'm just trying to highlight the controllers and believe me I'm NOT selling my soul. The pyramid of the music industry is awash with puppets serving corporate interest, Bono and his hand over one eye, ed Sheeran, they all seemed to display what is called a calling card. Basically there willing servants , maybe I'm unlearned , but it seems everyone was to be apart. Music is a voice for the voiceless, a working man or woman's chance to express there opinion , but instead they want to join the 'club'. It's easy to lose faith and believe all our heroes are just clones in the vessel called the music industry. But there's great songs under the radar and role models who still have a level of morality to display. Activist, feminist, pacifist ...where's the protest...we still live in a free express ...hopely my music can inspire...and for one thing I'm not signing that contract. My soul is mine. Thankyou. Peace out xx

Albums which inspire

I listen to music all the time and use as it as a source of inspiration, as were all connected thoughts, actions it's only natural to want to connect. Currently the following are on heavy rotation:~ Dub syndicate - Hard food John Jones - Never stop moving Lau - The bell that never rang Ajja & Cosmosis - The alien jams Neil Young - Le Noise Beth Orton - Sugaring Season Various artists - Strange constellations Pearl jam - live at Leeds July 8 2014(official bootleg) So there you have it...some artists you may of heard of others you may not, hope I've inspired you to check out some cool music. Yep it may be not on the radio,but it's better that way, not part of the mainstream , honest and true. Peace xx

Currently Listening to Sonic Youth

  • The eternal - Sonic youth
  • Ghost - Kate Rusby
  • Full moon fever - Tom Petty
  • Love is my religon - Ziggy Marley
  • Rainy day music - The Jayhawks
  • Pronounce leh-nerd-skin-nerd- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Lightning bolt - Pearl Jam
  • Superunknown - Soundgarden
  • Specter at the feast - Black rebel motorcycle club

Top Ten Albums at the Moment

  1. easter everywhere - 13th floor elevators
  2. first rays of the new rising sun - Jimi Hendrix
  3. High hopes - Bruce Springsteen
  4. Mechanical bull - Kings of Leon
  5. Echoes of the outlaw roadshow - Counting Crows
  6. Sugaring season - Beth Orton
  7. Fight for your mind - Ben Harper
  8. To the capsules - Senser
  9. Thirteen - Teenage fanclub
  10. on and on - Jack Johnson

Diary of Creativity 25

I've designed a cover for my next release Hegelian Dialectic, and will release the first track, Memories soon. Also been working on insrumentals, based around blues and rag time, may record some in the future. Constantly searching for new songs and just wait patiently for them to arrive, where they come from I just don't know, that's the interesting part. Also practicing several covers, such as Sirens by Pearl Jam and Long May You Run by Neil Young, it's good vocal practice and interesting to explore another artists creative space, which can be inspiring. Anyway, thanks for reading and listening to my music. Peace.

Top Ten Songs at the Moment – Rock

  1. Sirens - Pearl Jam
  2. Glory and consequence - Ben Harper
  3. God save the queen - Sex Pistols
  4. Free yourself, free your mind - Indigenous
  5. Heatseeker - AC/DC
  6. Far green hills - Willie Nile
  7. Comes a time - Neil Young
  8. A conspiracy(live) - The Black Crowes
  9. Breed - Nirvana
  10. Rocker soul - 42 Decibel

Diary of Creativity 24

Recorded my new album , Hegelian Dialectic from the 26th august to the 29th. Really pleased with the recording, quality a lot better. Consisting of 14 songs, it's a double album, with themes of loneliness, mental illness and indoctrination, it's a concept of free association and alienation, with hope always lingering underneath. Thanks for reading and listening to my music. Peace.

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