Planetary Spirals -  Singer/Songwriter John Lee

Music I’m Currently Listening to Reggae

  1. Green day - uno
  2. Band of horses - infinite suns
  3. Bob Marley - rastaman vibration
  4. Pearl jam - manchester uk, june 21, 2012
  5. Peter Tosh - legalize it
  6. Guo Yue - music, food and love
  7. Soundgarden - badmotorfinger
  8. Burning spear - marcus garvey/garveys ghost
  9. Eat static - abduction
  10. Eddie Vedder - into the wild
  11. Kate Rusby - the girl who couldnt fly
  12. David Darling and the wulu bunun - mudanin kata

Pearl Jam, Manchester Arena, UK, 21st June 2012

Pearl Jam have been a big influence throughout my life, on my music and constantly a companion through tough times. So when they announced shows at manchester earlier in the year I couldn't believe it and was grateful when they added a second show , as the first sold out in hours. We travelled from north wales to get to manchester and arrived at about 6pm. We were in time to see the support band , X , which were a very tight and very loud punk band. Then the lights went down and piano music circled the arena , pearl jam entered the arena and went straight into Go, the crowd singing along and releasing the emotion into the air. I felt tears rise as they led into Animal and one of my favourite tracks,Hail, Hail, with the encompassing lines, 'hail, hail, the lucky ones,I refer to those in love'.

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My Favourite Albums at the Moment – Electro

  1. Eels - electro- shock blues
  2. Sonic youth - washing machine
  3. Bruce Springsteen - wrecking ball
  4. Pearl jam - lost dogs
  5. Prodigy - the fat of the land
  6. chemical brothers - exit planet dust
  7. Portishead - dummy
  8. Foo fighters - foo fighters
  9. Crowded house - farewell to the world
  10. Juana Molina - un dia

My Top 20 Favourite Singers

Here's my top 20 favourite singers
  1. Jim Morrison(the doors)
  2. Layne Staley(alice in chains)
  3. Kate Rusby
  4. Eddie Vedder(pearl jam)
  5. Bon Scott(ac/dc)
  6. Natacha Atlas
  7. June Tabor
  8. Chris Cornell(soundgarden)
  9. Bob Marley
  10. Adam Duritz(counting crows)
  11. Mark Lanagan
  12. Sandy Denny(fairport convention)
  13. Mari Boine
  14. Kurt Cobain(nirvana)
  15. Brandon Boyd(incubus)
  16. Greg Allman
  17. Joey Ramone
  18. Mark Arm(mudhoney)
  19. John Jones(oysterband)
  20. Dave Grohl(foo fighters)

My Fifteen Favourite Songs at the Moment

  1. Neil Young - after the gold rush
  2. Bob Dylan - desolation row
  3. Soundgarden - outshined(live)
  4. Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate - 56
  5. Gomez - our goodbye
  6. Live - the river
  7. Ramones - rockaway beach
  8. Javier Ruibal- isla mujeres
  9. Tamikrest - dihad tedoun itran
  10. Stone Temple Pilots - crackerman
  11. Pink Floyd - wish you were here
  12. Warren Zevon - splendid isolation
  13. Foo Fighters - back and forth
  14. Bunny Wailer - this train
  15. Otis Reading - (sittin on)the dock of the bay

What am I Listening to – Rock & Blues

At the moment I am listening to the following albums the most:-
  • Black rebel motorcycle club - Howl
  • Robert Johnson - blues boxset
  • Neil Young - Le Noise
  • Aerosmith - live bootleg
  • Foo Fighters - wasting light
  • Pink Floyd - division bell
  • Pearl Jam - live on ten legs

Diary of Creativity 8

Sorry I have not kept you updated for a while(if your interested!) . but I have been busy compiling my tracklisting for my new album and adding a couple of new songs written in the last month or so. The tracklisting for the album, "As Above, So Below" , is as follows:-

  1. Summer sun
  2. Ghosts
  3. Constellation
  4. 21st century
  5. Instinct
  6. Rising moon
  7. Sometimes
  8. Hidden
  9. 2012
  10. Driftin
  11. Signals
  12. Celestial sphere
  13. Defiance
  14. Light of hope
  15. Goodbye
The recording of the album will be done early this year and the quality will be greatly improved. Thanks for showing an interest and have a good 2011.

My Top Ten Dance Albums

During the 90's in the UK, there was a vibrant dance scene and many gear albums were made. Psychedelic trance and drum and bass were my favourite genres and still are. Here's my top ten albums:-

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My Favourite Albums of 2012, so Far …

These are the records which are inspiring me so far this year and my favourite songs off each album.
1) June Tabor - Apples(dancing)
2) Home Service - Alright Jack (rose of allendale)
3) Tom Morello - the nightwatchman - worldwide rebel songs (whirlwind)
4) Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey/Garveys ghost(slavery days)
5)Oysterband - Here I Stand (after rain)
6) Pearl Jam - Backspacer (force of nature)
7)Fairport convention - A history of (who knows where the time goes)
8) Ramones - anthology ( I wanna be sedated)
9)Grateful Dead - Live dead (dark star)
10) The Doors - LA woman (LA woman)

What I’m Listening to at the Moment – Top 10

1)Wilco - the whole love
2)Grateful Dead - europe '72
3)Faith No More - the real thing
4)Weezer - make believe
5)Gillian Welch - the harrow and the harvest
6)Tinariwen - tassali
7)counting crows - august and everything after
8)The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Axis:bold as love
9)Tricky - maxinquaye
10)Neil Young - dreamin man live '92
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