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What I’m Listening to at the Moment – Dub

1) Syd Barrett - the madcap laughs
2)Buffalo Tom - three easy pieces
3) Creedance clearwater revival - green river
4) Meat Puppets - lollipop
5) Banco de gaia - songs from the silk road
6) The doors - morrison hotel
7) Nirvana - unplugged in new york
8) Eddie Vedder - ukulele songs
9) Vieux Farke Toure - Remixed: ufo's over bamako
10) Jah Wobble and the chinese dub orchestra - chinese dub

My Favourite Albums at the Moment – Grunge

As well as writing songs I listen to alot of music to get inspiration. Heres my top ten at the moment:-
1) Kate Rusby - make the light
2) The hold steady - heaven is whenever
3) Mudhoney - the lucky ones
4) Soundgarden - down on the upside
5) Bob Marley- catch a fire
6) Fugazi - the argument
7) Meat Puppets- no joke
8) Bert Jansch - anthology
9) Pearl Jam - backspacer
10) Banco de gaia - memories, dreams, reflections

My Favourite Films at the Moment

1) Big Fish - Director - Tim Burton
2) Ghost in the shell - Dir - Mamoru Oshii
3) Pans Labyrinth - Dir - Guillermo del toro
4) Pom Poko - Dir - Isao Takahata
5) A scanner darkly - Dir - Richard Linklater
7) Crouching tiger, hidden dragon - Dir - Ang Lee
8) Avatar - Dir - James Cameron
9) The Ring - Dir- Hideo Nakata
10) Into the wild - Dir - Sean Penn

My Favourite Albums at the Moment

As well as writing songs I listen to alot of music, which sometimes inspires me. The type of music I listen to changes all the time, but always approach new sounds with an open mind. Because when I or other people write songs it is just a refection of personal experiences and sounds which have been absorbed and processed over time. At the moment I am listening to alot of new albums and some older ones, which are listed below. Without music the planet would be a strange place , it seems natural to me to express a feeling in a song and without the artists and bands that have kept me company over the years I do not know if I would have played guitar and composed any songs. Friends come and go, but the music is always there.

Here's my list of my favourite albums at the moment:-
1)Mike Oldfield - music of the spheres
2) Beth Orton - central reservation
3) Gaslight anthem - american slang
4) Bob Dylan - highway 61 revisited
5) Airbourne - No guts, no glory
6) Black crowes - croweology
7) Stone temple pilots - stone temple pilots
8) Future sound of london - lifeforms
9) Levellers - levelling the land
10) Ozric tentacles - the hidden step

My Ten Favourite Gigs

1) The black crowes- wolverhampton civic hall - 1997
I have been a black crowes fan all my life and are one of the best bands I have seen live. This was on the three snakes and one charm tour and they were really on form.
2)Pearl Jam - Manchester evening news arena. august 17, 2009
My favourite band and my biggest inspiration. I saw them first in 2000 at the same venue and really enjoyed that gig, but 2009 was a special moment, feeling emotional and singing along with alive, unforgettable.
3) Tinariwen - womad festival, reading 2004
With two friends, we really felt we had been transported to the desert, one of the best bands in the world.
4) Oysterband, cambridge folk festival, 1999
Really enjoyed this gig. the band were on good form.
5) AC/DC - nec, birmingham , 2000
After listening to AC/DC all my life, I was really looking forward to this gig and was not disappointed. Played all the classics, brilliant.
6) Return to the source, brixton academy, london 1998
An all night party of psychedelic trance and ambient sounds, danced all night.
7) Rachid Taha, Womad, Wiltshire 2008
Really good atmosphere and life affirming set, crowd were great.
8) Altaikai , Womad 2008
A throat singing band from mongollia, brought to tears by their honesty and connected to the sounds of their natural world.
9) Apache Indian - musicport festival, Whitby 2006
Really good atmosphere, danced through the whole gig.
10) Grooverider. Phoenix festival, near stratford. 1996
Went to this festival with friends from college and spent most of the time in the dance tent, with grooverider, a drum and bass artist, being my favourite.

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