Illuminati opens up this sixth album from john and the tone is set… John believes this is the strongest album he’s recorded and songs such as Time and witching hour reflect a sense of overcoming and reflective meditation on nature and loneliness a theme throughout. It’s a full circle he sings on the albums final track, with a sense of hope for the planet and love which overrides the songs.

Free MP3 Download - Singer/SongwriterCelebrate
Free MP3 Download - Singer/SongwriterTime
Free MP3 Download - Singer/SongwriterAncient Sun
Free MP3 Download - Singer/SongwriterLullaby
Free MP3 Download - Singer/SongwriterWitching Hour
Free MP3 Download - Singer/SongwriterWaterfalls of Love
Free MP3 Download - Singer/SongwriterFull Circle
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