Visitors From Space

Archaeologists and scientists have never been able to explain the dramatic evolutionary and technological leap made by homo sapiens 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. Theres no genetic clues about the doubling of the human brain, there’s more missing links than real explanations of our evolution. The nazca lines in the peruvian desert cover an area 37 miles long and one mile wide. Patterns of birds, spiders and fish can be seen from the air. Scientists dismiss them as ancient worship objects, but maybe they are, no one knows, its an on going mystery. In the sahara lives a tribe called the dogon and they worship fish like amphibians which they insist they came from the sky and are called the nommos.

They told the dogon they came from a star called sirius. The dogons weren’t the only people visited from above, during pre-history the sumerians called there gods the oannes, which were also amphibians, a certain theme appearing here! They brought the secrets of mathematics, writng and astronomy to the people of mesopotamia, acknowledged as the birthplace of civilization.The oannes god was part man, part fish and they also had a connection with the star sirius. Stories from ancient times and some people even believe the bible account stories of visitors from space, how were the pyramids built, who built the stone statues on easter island the list goes on. I’m not saying these people were not capable of buliding these monuments, but why are ancient stories , such as the epic of gilgamesh and decoded ancient tablets describing visitors from above and all appear fish like in appearance.

It’s easy to deny the extensive research into this, some would say conspiracy, but if its part of our history why are we not taught this in school, it’s part of our genetic makeup. Darwin’s tree of life show we evolved from the sea, so would have been fish like in appearance many, many years ago, whether an alien race intervened is open to debate. But again and again ancient cultures repeat the mantra of fish/serpent gods ruling over the masses, from the mayans , to egypt, to the indus valley, theres a missing link which has never been explained. Did they come from sirius to educate us or enslave us, the anwsers are around us right now, make up your own mind.

Books I’m Enjoying or Have Read in the Last Year

I enjoy reading alot , as it gives me time out from my music and sometimes can inspire. Here’s my list:-

  1. Cull – Michael.G.Preston
  2. The Darkening – Stephen.M.Irwin
  3. Tortilla flat – John Steinbeck
  4. Times Eye – Arthur.C.Clark and Stephen Baxter
  5. Mayor Of Casterbridge – Thomas Hardy
  6. Hydden World – William Horwood
  7. Surface Detail – Iain.M.Banks
  8. Infernal Devices – K.W.Jeter
  9. Terminal World – -Alastair Reynolds

Pearl Jam, Manchester Arena, UK, 21st June 2012

Pearl Jam have been a big influence throughout my life, on my music and constantly a companion through tough times. So when they announced shows at manchester earlier in the year I couldn’t believe it and was grateful when they added a second show , as the first sold out in hours. We travelled from north wales to get to manchester and arrived at about 6pm. We were in time to see the support band , X , which were a very tight and very loud punk band. Then the lights went down and piano music circled the arena , pearl jam entered the arena and went straight into Go, the crowd singing along and releasing the emotion into the air. I felt tears rise as they led into Animal and one of my favourite tracks,Hail, Hail, with the encompassing lines, ‘hail, hail, the lucky ones,I refer to those in love’.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Just like to wish everyone a happy christmas and a happy new year and thanks for checking out my music and website. It’s been a tough year for me personally with my mums struggle with cancer but life goes on, I wish for more happy memories. Also I give a thought to all the homeless people this xmas and all the refugees across Syria and worldwide. It’s a sad planet but theres always some hope, all we can do is share and leave a healthy planet for future generations. In the new year on 6th January I will be releasing a new track called memories, until then stay safe and enjoy life . Peace.

Diary of Creativity 11

I’ve been busy selecting songs to record later this year and hopefully will be a strong album. Similar in stlye to previous recordings, it will tackle themes such as identity and isolation. And also the feeling of being dis- connected from these modern times. It will consist of 12 songs, with titles such as echo, move along and perception.

Diary of Creativity 17

I’ve just finished recording my ep, Top Secret and the tracks will be released early next year. Also practicing songs for my fith album,13, which will be recorded in early 2013. Also in the process of writing a book about my life and my struggle with mental illness, hopely removing the stigma attached to it. Will probably be a short story, but will encompass the theories circling through my head, which comes through in some of my songs.

What I’m Listening to – Albums

  • Turin Brakes – jackinthebox
  • Travis – the man who
  • Ben harper – both sides of the gun
  • Neil young and crazy horse – zuma
  • Chemical brothers – come with us
  • Ash – intergalactic sonic 7″s
  • Black crowes- warpaint
  • Eagles – best of
  • Bjork – debut
  • Sheryl Crow – very best of

Diary of Creativity 25

I’ve designed a cover for my next release Hegelian Dialectic, and will release the first track, Memories soon. Also been working on insrumentals, based around blues and rag time, may record some in the future. Constantly searching for new songs and just wait patiently for them to arrive, where they come from I just don’t know, that’s the interesting part. Also practicing several covers, such as Sirens by Pearl Jam and Long May You Run by Neil Young, it’s good vocal practice and interesting to explore another artists creative space, which can be inspiring. Anyway, thanks for reading and listening to my music. Peace.

Close encounters in 1878

The first appearance of the term “saucer” was in 1878 , nearly 70 years before the famous Arnold sighting . On January 24 of that year, John Martin, a texas farmer, who lived just south of Denison, saw a dark disc-shaped object sailing high in the heavens “at a wonderful speed”. When relating what he saw , he described the thing as a saucer. * Two giant luminous wheels estimated as about 130 feet in diameter were observed spinning above the surface and then slowly descending into the waters of the persian gulf by the crew of the ship vulture on may 13 1879.

The following year a british east company steamer, Patna sighted wheels of a similar sort in the same part of the ocean. Years later other reports added to the mystery. Again in the persian gulf a huge rotating wheel was observed by the S.S. Kilwa on April 10 1901 and in the gulf of Oman a giant wheel was observed by a british steamer. These semi- aquatic spinning wheels have been thought by some to originate in the oceans or possibly be submersible spacecraft. * On the morning of august 12 1883 Senor Jose A.V. Bonilla director of the Zacatecas observatory in Mexico was studying sunspots when he noticed a whole succession of luminous bodies crossing the sun in the same direction. In two hours he counted 283 bodies and the next day 116 of these UFOs . Bonilla was convinced that these mysterious bodies were ” travelling in space near the earth, but not so far as the moon”.

Albums which inspire

I listen to music all the time and use as it as a source of inspiration, as were all connected thoughts, actions it’s only natural to want to connect. Currently the following are on heavy rotation:~

Dub syndicate – Hard food
John Jones – Never stop moving
Lau – The bell that never rang
Ajja & Cosmosis – The alien jams
Neil Young – Le Noise
Beth Orton – Sugaring Season
Various artists – Strange constellations
Pearl jam – live at Leeds July 8 2014(official bootleg)

So there you have it…some artists you may of heard of others you may not, hope I’ve inspired you to check out some cool music. Yep it may be not on the radio,but it’s better that way, not part of the mainstream , honest and true. Peace xx

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