My Favourite Albums of 2012, so Far …

These are the records which are inspiring me so far this year and my favourite songs off each album.
1) June Tabor – Apples(dancing)
2) Home Service – Alright Jack (rose of allendale)
3) Tom Morello – the nightwatchman – worldwide rebel songs (whirlwind)
4) Burning Spear – Marcus Garvey/Garveys ghost(slavery days)
5)Oysterband – Here I Stand (after rain)
6) Pearl Jam – Backspacer (force of nature)
7)Fairport convention – A history of (who knows where the time goes)
8) Ramones – anthology ( I wanna be sedated)
9)Grateful Dead – Live dead (dark star)
10) The Doors – LA woman (LA woman)

What am I Listening To?

To me listening to music is as important as creating songs. I have a quite diverse music collection and always look for new and exciting sounds. Growing up in the 90s I got into the alternative music scene and still listen to this music today, also I am a fan of reggae, trance and world music. The following list shows my currently favourite albums, which provide me with inspiration to write my own songs.

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My Favourite Albums at the Moment – Grunge

As well as writing songs I listen to alot of music to get inspiration. Heres my top ten at the moment:-
1) Kate Rusby – make the light
2) The hold steady – heaven is whenever
3) Mudhoney – the lucky ones
4) Soundgarden – down on the upside
5) Bob Marley- catch a fire
6) Fugazi – the argument
7) Meat Puppets- no joke
8) Bert Jansch – anthology
9) Pearl Jam – backspacer
10) Banco de gaia – memories, dreams, reflections

My favourite Record Labels

  • Sub-pop ( mudhoney, soundgarden, green river, nirvana, tad)
  • Topic records (copper family, oysterband, june tabor)
  • Rough trade
  • Epitaph ( offspring, nofx, pennywise, bad religon)
  • Monkeywrench records
  • Six degrees (Issa Bagayogo)
  • Silver arrow records (black crowes, chris robinson brotherhood)
  • Trojan records (reggae and dub)

I’m not really bothered what label bands are on, if I like it I like it, independant or corporate. But the best scenes are born out of independant labels, as shown below in my selection (in brackets who were on the label, past or present).

Thoughts and reflections – selling the soul

The music industry in modern times is a wash with symbolism , it’s not really a new thing, but now seems to be a plague of  artists showing these signs, and to be honest I’m pretty sick of it. The young are digesting these symbols in there sub conscious unaware of there nefarious origins. It can be linked to the infamous satanist A. Crowley and he’s history is linked with many dark acts, Jay Z now advertises his famous saying do what thou wilt…So where does that leave artists like myself, you may observe symbolism in my artwork, but I’m just trying to highlight the controllers and believe me I’m NOT selling my soul.

The pyramid of the music industry is awash with puppets serving corporate interest, Bono and his hand over one eye, ed Sheeran, they all seemed to display what is called a calling card. Basically there willing servants , maybe I’m unlearned , but it seems everyone was to be apart. Music is a voice for the voiceless, a working man or woman’s chance to express there opinion , but instead they want to join the ‘club’. It’s easy to lose faith and believe all our heroes are just clones in the vessel called the music industry. But there’s great songs under the radar and role models who still have a level of morality to display. Activist, feminist, pacifist …where’s the protest…we still live in a free world…so express …hopely my music can inspire…and for one thing I’m not signing that contract. My soul is mine. Thankyou. Peace out xx

What am I Listening to – Rock & Blues

At the moment I am listening to the following albums the most:-

  • Black rebel motorcycle club – Howl
  • Robert Johnson – blues boxset
  • Neil Young – Le Noise
  • Aerosmith – live bootleg
  • Foo Fighters – wasting light
  • Pink Floyd – division bell
  • Pearl Jam – live on ten legs

My 20 Favourite Songs at the Moment

  1. 1) Hearts of palm – buffalo tom
  2. 2) Masters of war – bob dylan
  3. 3) Ayitma madjam – tamikrest
  4. 4) save the hammer for the man – tom morello(feat. ben harper)
  5. 5) Two trains – little feat
  6. 6) Faithful – pearl jam
  7. 7) Inner peace – eat static
  8. 8) sugar magnolia – grateful dead
  9. 9) Over the hill – john martyn
  10. 10) Oh love – green day
  11. 11) Waiting for the sun – the jayhawks
  12. 12) Till your well runs dry – peter tosh
  13. 13) Theres a planet here – ozric tentacles
  14. 14) I cant turn you loose – otis redding
  15. 15) Act of love – neil young
  16. 16) End over end – foo fighters
  17. 17) L.a. woman – the doors
  18. 18) The great salt lake – band of horses
  19. 19) rotten apple – alice in chains
  20. 20) get it hot – ac/dc

Diary of Creativity 24

Recorded my new album , Hegelian Dialectic from the 26th august to the 29th. Really pleased with the recording, quality a lot better. Consisting of 14 songs, it’s a double album, with themes of loneliness, mental illness and indoctrination, it’s a concept of free association and alienation, with hope always lingering underneath. Thanks for reading and listening to my music. Peace.

Diary of Creativity 5

I have been busy practicing songs and deciding on the tracklisting for the new album. I have got around 15 songs to record and have already recorded demos on my 4 track. I am pleased with the quality of the songs and believe its my strongest yet. Also be making another track available for download around Easter.

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