My Favourite Albums of 2012, so Far …

These are the records which are inspiring me so far this year and my favourite songs off each album.
1) June Tabor – Apples(dancing)
2) Home Service – Alright Jack (rose of allendale)
3) Tom Morello – the nightwatchman – worldwide rebel songs (whirlwind)
4) Burning Spear – Marcus Garvey/Garveys ghost(slavery days)
5)Oysterband – Here I Stand (after rain)
6) Pearl Jam – Backspacer (force of nature)
7)Fairport convention – A history of (who knows where the time goes)
8) Ramones – anthology ( I wanna be sedated)
9)Grateful Dead – Live dead (dark star)
10) The Doors – LA woman (LA woman)

What am I Listening To?

To me listening to music is as important as creating songs. I have a quite diverse music collection and always look for new and exciting sounds. Growing up in the 90s I got into the alternative music scene and still listen to this music today, also I am a fan of reggae, trance and world music. The following list shows my currently favourite albums, which provide me with inspiration to write my own songs.

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What am I Listening to – Rock & Blues

At the moment I am listening to the following albums the most:-

  • Black rebel motorcycle club – Howl
  • Robert Johnson – blues boxset
  • Neil Young – Le Noise
  • Aerosmith – live bootleg
  • Foo Fighters – wasting light
  • Pink Floyd – division bell
  • Pearl Jam – live on ten legs

My 20 Favourite Songs at the Moment

  1. 1) Hearts of palm – buffalo tom
  2. 2) Masters of war – bob dylan
  3. 3) Ayitma madjam – tamikrest
  4. 4) save the hammer for the man – tom morello(feat. ben harper)
  5. 5) Two trains – little feat
  6. 6) Faithful – pearl jam
  7. 7) Inner peace – eat static
  8. 8) sugar magnolia – grateful dead
  9. 9) Over the hill – john martyn
  10. 10) Oh love – green day
  11. 11) Waiting for the sun – the jayhawks
  12. 12) Till your well runs dry – peter tosh
  13. 13) Theres a planet here – ozric tentacles
  14. 14) I cant turn you loose – otis redding
  15. 15) Act of love – neil young
  16. 16) End over end – foo fighters
  17. 17) L.a. woman – the doors
  18. 18) The great salt lake – band of horses
  19. 19) rotten apple – alice in chains
  20. 20) get it hot – ac/dc

What I’m Listening to – Alice in Chains

  • The Quireboys – beautiful curse
  • The del lords- elvis club
  • Radiohead – in rainbows
  • Black sabbath – 13
  • Live – throwing copper
  • Teenage fanclub – original album classics
  • Goa tribes – volume 2
  • Sub pop 200
  • Alice in Chains – the devil put dinosaurs here

Top Ten Albums at the Moment

  1. easter everywhere – 13th floor elevators
  2. first rays of the new rising sun – Jimi Hendrix
  3. High hopes – Bruce Springsteen
  4. Mechanical bull – Kings of Leon
  5. Echoes of the outlaw roadshow – Counting Crows
  6. Sugaring season – Beth Orton
  7. Fight for your mind – Ben Harper
  8. To the capsules – Senser
  9. Thirteen – Teenage fanclub
  10. on and on – Jack Johnson

Thoughts and Reflections on Musical Influences

Music is forever changing and its easy to be caught in a time warp. I grew up in the 90s and listened to alot of the alternative bands, such as pearl jam and soundgarden. Over the last few years I lost faith in contemporary music and could not really connect with the new music coming through. But I find there’s always a handful of good bands every year and recently bought the new gaslight anthem and hold steady albums and really liked them.

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What I’m Listening to at the Moment – Top 10

1)Wilco – the whole love
2)Grateful Dead – europe ’72
3)Faith No More – the real thing
4)Weezer – make believe
5)Gillian Welch – the harrow and the harvest
6)Tinariwen – tassali
7)counting crows – august and everything after
8)The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Axis:bold as love
9)Tricky – maxinquaye
10)Neil Young – dreamin man live ’92


My new song visited is a reflection of my interest in history and ancient civilizations. Most people have heard of atlantis and today is regarded as a myth, there are many theories that say it was a very advanced civilization and was destroyed mysteriously about 11,000 years ago. After this three advanced cultures appeared, sumer, known as the “cradle of civilization”, egypt and the indus valley. The sumerians were the first known people to study the stars and develop the written word.

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What I’m Listening to – Rock & Grunge

  • Neil young and crazy horse – psychedelic pill
  • Kate rusby – 20
  • Lau – race the loser
  • Pearl jam – live on ten legs
  • Soundgarden – king animal
  • Idlewild – warning/promises
  • Gomez – liquid skin
  • Alice in chains – black gives way to blue
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