UK Elections 2010

In the United Kingdom people will vote, including myself, in the 2010 election, its going to be a close run election between the three main parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats. The right to vote (or suffrage) went through many stages, in universal suffrage the right to vote is not restricted by race, gender, belief, wealth or social status, the first country to use this was France in 1792, although women were not allowed to vote until 1944.

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Diary of Creativity 2

I have been writing alot of new songs lately, with titles such as rising moon, time and space, static and perception, which I hope to record later in the year. Also been playing electric guitar particularly working on instrumentals. Also been practicing covers, by artists such as nirvana, bob dylan and pearl jam.

Diary of Creativity 19

I’ve been working on new songs for my new album, have 13 in a early state of evolution. Hopefully to record later this year. Also in the process of writing a novel called Dark Moon, which is a kind of paranoid thriller. A new song from my new e.p Top Secret , will be released sometime in April. Thanks for reading.

Diary of creativity 13

I’ve been busy writing lyrics , which are more autobiographical in nature and have composed 4 to 5 songs this year. Its a conceptual project of internal feelings and emotional expression, about the past, present and future. It combines the positive and negative and the song selection will express these opposites and hopefully balance out into a strong album.

Diary of Creativity 21

I’ve been rehearsing songs to record in a few months for the new album ‘Hegelian Dialectic’. Also writing short stories and working on my first novel,’Dark moon’. I will be releasing a new song called ‘Let It Go’ early next month. Thanks for reading.

Diary of Creativity 7

I have been busy designing a new website, with the help of my brother, which will coincide with the release of new songs. I am still writing songs now and then, so it is deciding on 12 or 15 songs to record and release hopefully before christmas.

New album track listing

I’ve been working hard on creating and writing new songs over the past year and found I had enough to record a double album, my second double collection , first being ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ released in 2013. I’m pretty excited about the new additions to the artistic collection and although no real concept unlike ‘Hegelian’ (which was about stardom , insanity, and compromise) …it provides a social commentary on these confusing and somewhat dark times. The tracklisting is listed below and will go into my home studio and record later this year. Thankyou.

1)I’m a seeker
2)Lost Galaxy
4)Outside the outsiders
8)All around the world
10) No one to trust
11)Digital sky


1) Escalator
2) Cradle
3) Travelling
4) Blue sky
5) sinister forces
6) Romeo
7) Soul Trap
8) Divided
9) Enemy
10) Circles
11) All the love
12) Thankyou

So that’s it. Believe my songwriting has evolved and look forward to sharing them. Meanwhile the third single ‘Ancient Sun’ from my latest ‘Lullaby’ will released on my website on the 3rd October 2016. Thanks for reading. take care xx

Diary of Creativity 12

I’ve been writng and practicing songs for a new recording , which I will hopefully finish by the end of the year. Titled , 13, it will be an album of about 15 songs.

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