Mysteries of the Earth (Part Two) -The Mahabharata

India’s national epic, The Mahabharata a poem of vast length and complexity achieved it’s present form in the second century A.D. It records conflicts between beings with advanced technology, maybe more advanced than today. In one episode a tribe called the Vrishnis which included the hero Krishna are under attack from an army led by an individual called Salva. Salva it says came mounted on a sauba chariot, the sauba chariot could in modern times be described as mother ship. The vrishnis however were well equipped and the hero Krishna took to the skies in pursuit of Salva , where it explains rockets, missiles, spears and spikes being used against Krishna. Krishna however wards off Salva’s attack with the equivalent of antiballistic missiles. Sauba however becomes invisible, then Krishna loads a special weapon, an ancient version of a smart bomb. Lastly he releases his favourite fire weapon and Salva is killed.

What are these weapons mentioned in this ancient epic, the story continues with the fearful agneya weapon used by the hero Adwattan. ” ..dense arrows of flame, like a great shower, issued forth upon creation…” . It continues to explain the power of this weapon, which eerily resembles a nuclear bomb. Why was this technology around and so early on in history and where did it go. References to air travel are also included in the mahabharata, with the famous vimanas recorded, which could only be UFOs. Did civilizations and many others just wipe themselves out or did they flee to return sometime in the future.

No one knows, but it shows that a lot of significant history is rejected and hidden by certain groups of people. Are we living in a similar golden age to these ancient people and have we learnt from there mistakes. probably not. But when people see UFOs today it is not a new phenomenon , UFOs have been spotted throughout the history of planet earth, like the vimanas, it’s like history has been conveniently altered to fit the theory of evolution. How can evolution exist, if nuclear bombs and flying machines existed thousands of years ago. The timeline is all wrong.

Thoughts and Reflections- The Modern Age

I grew up in the nineties , where computers were in an early state of evolution and mobile phones did not exist. Now we seem to be overwhelmed with technology, with corporations in competition for large amounts of money. I’m not against this new age, but wonder where it takes us as human beings. Many sci- fi novels and films take a brave look into the future, such as neuromancer by William Gibson and the animated manga film, ‘Ghost in the shell’. They show a world where technology is so advanced that the virtual reality world is so real that it can’t be distinguished from normal reality. Other films like the matrix, even show that the world we live in is not even real. Will we head in this direction , with technology advancing so quickly it may not be that far away.

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My Favourite Films at the Moment

1) Big Fish – Director – Tim Burton
2) Ghost in the shell – Dir – Mamoru Oshii
3) Pans Labyrinth – Dir – Guillermo del toro
4) Pom Poko – Dir – Isao Takahata
5) A scanner darkly – Dir – Richard Linklater
7) Crouching tiger, hidden dragon – Dir – Ang Lee
8) Avatar – Dir – James Cameron
9) The Ring – Dir- Hideo Nakata
10) Into the wild – Dir – Sean Penn

What I’m Reading

  • 33 revs per minute(a history of protest songs) – Dorian Lynsky
  • 48 – James Herbert
  • Earth:an alien enterprise – Timothy Good
  • The mountains rise(embers of illeniel) – Michael g Manning
  • For the moon is hollow and aliens rule the sky – Rob Shelsky

Books I’m Enjoying or Have Read in the Last Year

I enjoy reading alot , as it gives me time out from my music and sometimes can inspire. Here’s my list:-

  1. Cull – Michael.G.Preston
  2. The Darkening – Stephen.M.Irwin
  3. Tortilla flat – John Steinbeck
  4. Times Eye – Arthur.C.Clark and Stephen Baxter
  5. Mayor Of Casterbridge – Thomas Hardy
  6. Hydden World – William Horwood
  7. Surface Detail – Iain.M.Banks
  8. Infernal Devices – K.W.Jeter
  9. Terminal World – -Alastair Reynolds

Favourite Books at the Moment Include Foundation

1) Lord of the rings trilogy – J.R.R.Tolkien
2) Ark – Stephen Baxter
3) The foundation saga – Isaac Asimov
4) The songs of distant earth – Arthur.c .Clarke
5) Labyrinth – Kate Mosse
6) One flew over the cuckoos nest – Ken Kesey
7) The grapes of Wrath – John Steinbeck
8) Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury
9) Just after sunset – Stephen King
10) The kite runner – Khaled Hosseini

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