New album track listing

I’ve been working hard on creating and writing new songs over the past year and found I had enough to record a double album, my second double collection , first being ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ released in 2013. I’m pretty excited about the new additions to the artistic collection and although no real concept unlike ‘Hegelian’ (which was about stardom , insanity, and compromise) …it provides a social commentary on these confusing and somewhat dark times. The tracklisting is listed below and will go into my home studio and record later this year. Thankyou.

1)I’m a seeker
2)Lost Galaxy
4)Outside the outsiders
8)All around the world
10) No one to trust
11)Digital sky


1) Escalator
2) Cradle
3) Travelling
4) Blue sky
5) sinister forces
6) Romeo
7) Soul Trap
8) Divided
9) Enemy
10) Circles
11) All the love
12) Thankyou

So that’s it. Believe my songwriting has evolved and look forward to sharing them. Meanwhile the third single ‘Ancient Sun’ from my latest ‘Lullaby’ will released on my website on the 3rd October 2016. Thanks for reading. take care xx

Hegelian Dialectic

Chapter One – Memories
A declaration of love from son to mother, the innocence of love and the question of mortality. Witnessing the loss of life and realising the precious moments that have passed by. The fight between wisdom and materialism , the future of a galaxy of stars. The individual looks towards love and the feeling of emptiness that stands before him, will he comprimise or stand by his inherited love.

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Diary of Creativity 12

I’ve been writng and practicing songs for a new recording , which I will hopefully finish by the end of the year. Titled , 13, it will be an album of about 15 songs.

My Fifteen Favourite Songs at the Moment

  1. Neil Young – after the gold rush
  2. Bob Dylan – desolation row
  3. Soundgarden – outshined(live)
  4. Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate – 56
  5. Gomez – our goodbye
  6. Live – the river
  7. Ramones – rockaway beach
  8. Javier Ruibal- isla mujeres
  9. Tamikrest – dihad tedoun itran
  10. Stone Temple Pilots – crackerman
  11. Pink Floyd – wish you were here
  12. Warren Zevon – splendid isolation
  13. Foo Fighters – back and forth
  14. Bunny Wailer – this train
  15. Otis Reading – (sittin on)the dock of the bay

Ancestry – Who Am I ?

Currently my family and I are researching our family tree, to see how far back we can go. Living in britain it’s hard to find our roots, as many nations have invaded and settled in the country. Celtic tribes were originally one of the first to inhabit this country, with many people, even in mid- england speaking the native tongue, which survives today in parts of wales.

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Diary of Creativity 9

I recorded my new album, “As above, so below”, from the 1st march to the 7th of march and I am very pleased with the final recording. In a month or so I will be putting a new track off this album onto my website. In the meantime I am putting on a new version of Pop Culture , recorded during these sessions. Hope you like it.

Music update 2016

Thanks is you’ve checked out my website. 2016 so far has been a productive year. With my song ‘Lullaby’ available to download, it showcases the style and evolution of 15 years of writing and singing. More songs will be released from my also titled album ‘Lullaby’over the coming year.

Many projects are in the pipeline , first I’ve been exploring traditional folk songs and have been rehearsing 12, ranging from copper family songs, such as birds in spring and welsh folk songs, plus interpretations of folk classics, such as blackwaterside.

Secondly I ve been delving into my archive of songs ranging from 2001 to the present, archive 1 will include 12 songs from my first ever song can we live together to lost gems such as faith . It will be called “Recycled and rearranged’ as I’ve updated them and touched on their overall feel. They haven’t lost there message or original signature, but will be rerecorded for a future release.

Thanks for reading folks. Peace and love. xx

Thoughts and Reflections – Global Warming

I’ve been a member of greenpeace for many years and must thank them for keeping me updated on the environmental troubles in the world. I chat to many people, particularly about global warming and can’t believe how many people are in denial. If its not affecting them directly they just deny the truth and facts produced each year by charities such as greenpeace.

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Astrology has roots in early cultures all over the world, such as stonehenge in the british isles, which dates back to 3000bc , some believed it was used to predict the eclipses of the sun and moon, events which have great astrological significance today. Other ancient monuments had a similar purpose around the world, particularly in China, India, Japan and the united states.

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Summer Poem 2

  • Swallows and swifts
  • circle in the summer sky
  • butterflies open their wings
  • and fly, so high
  • the sun looks down
  • as shadows fall outside
  • the moon awaits
  • for the thoughts inside
  • round and round the circle goes
  • the green trees are alive
  • nature has no religon
  • for the bees always find their hive
  • since the creation of life
  • the invisible delusion of time
  • a big bang erupts
  • making a mistake in humankind
  • no blame on nature
  • for the summer is their time
  • man made wars
  • a conscious war inside
  • summer, summer let it breathe today
  • for the cycle is here to stay
  • whatever we do, whatever we say
  • it evaporates in time
  • in this game we play
  • let the sun shine
  • 93 million miles away
  • part of a galaxy
  • a universe miles away
  • summer sun
  • no need to worship today
  • summer sun
  • thankyou today
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