My Favourite Albums of 2012, so Far …

These are the records which are inspiring me so far this year and my favourite songs off each album.
1) June Tabor – Apples(dancing)
2) Home Service – Alright Jack (rose of allendale)
3) Tom Morello – the nightwatchman – worldwide rebel songs (whirlwind)
4) Burning Spear – Marcus Garvey/Garveys ghost(slavery days)
5)Oysterband – Here I Stand (after rain)
6) Pearl Jam – Backspacer (force of nature)
7)Fairport convention – A history of (who knows where the time goes)
8) Ramones – anthology ( I wanna be sedated)
9)Grateful Dead – Live dead (dark star)
10) The Doors – LA woman (LA woman)