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  • peace and love
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  • it’s an illusion
  • a mirage in the eye
  • a universe infinite
  • is it drakes equation
  • someday soon they will arrive
  • to find every nation
  • seperated and lost
  • in fear
  • waiting for emancipation
  • no more war
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  • just need….
  • unification

Close Encounters Sir Francis Chichester

Sir Francis Chichester , a yachtsman and pilot famous for solo crossings of sea and sky in the 1920’s and 30’s encountered a UFO on june 10, 1931. He was alone in his gypsy moth airplane somewhere over the tasman sea. He said, ” suddenly ahead and thirty degrees to the left there were bright flashes in several places, like the dazzle of a heliograph. I saw a dull grey white airship coming towards me”.

The ship then disappeared to Francis’s dis-belief and suddenly reappeared, he observed these airships and concluded they might have been flying saucers. * A classic case in the history of UFO’s is the Kenneth Arnold sighting of june 24, 1941, which finally caused the US airforce to take offical notice of the phenomena. Arnold, a civilian pilot was flying near mount rainer searching for a crashed plane, when a brilliant light flashed on the side of his plane. To his amazement he saw nine gleaming objects coming south from the direction of mount baker, he calculated there speed at 1,600 mph, nearly three times faster than the aircraft of the day.

Ancient Monuments – The Pyramids and Stonehenge

Everyone knows the pyramids of Egypt and they have become an iconic symbol of the ancient world. Alot of mystery still surrounds the pyramids and no real explanation has been agreed on how they were built and what they were used for. Many books have been written about these ancient monuments and many theories have surfaced. For example the pyramids perimeter length is 1,760 cubits and the imperial mile length is 1,760 yards, which indicates very ancient roots for the british measurement system. Stonehenge also has mathematical surprises , with the letter pi being depicted physically and mathematically at the stone circle.

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Close Encounters in the 13th Century

What might be called the first official investigation of a UFO sighting occured in Japan in 1235. During the night of september 24th, while general Yoritsume and his army were encamped, they observed mysterious lights in the heavens. The lights were seen for many hours,swinging, circling and moving in loops. The general ordered a full scale investigation and concluded it was the wind making the stars sway.

So even in the 13th cnetury cover ups were taking place, we still don’t really know why. In the 19th century reports of UFOs were reported widely in scientific publications, such as an account written by John Stavely of hatton garden, London, after observing what he thought were meteors during a thunderstorm on august 10 1809. He explained dazzling specks of light, dancing and traipising through the clouds and increasing in size and brightness. He finished, ” as the meteors increased in size, they seemed to descend”.

Close Encounters – UFO’s in Lubbock

Official documentation of UFO’s began in 1948 when the US air force created project sign and later project grudge eventually becoming project blue book. During it’s 18 years of activity it accumulated 12,600 sightings, with 701 being classified as ‘unidentified’. For example on an evening in august 1951, several college professors sitting on a porch in Lubbock , Texas saw a roughly semicircular formation of lights sweep rapidly overhead.

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Visitors From Space

Archaeologists and scientists have never been able to explain the dramatic evolutionary and technological leap made by homo sapiens 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. Theres no genetic clues about the doubling of the human brain, there’s more missing links than real explanations of our evolution. The nazca lines in the peruvian desert cover an area 37 miles long and one mile wide. Patterns of birds, spiders and fish can be seen from the air. Scientists dismiss them as ancient worship objects, but maybe they are, no one knows, its an on going mystery. In the sahara lives a tribe called the dogon and they worship fish like amphibians which they insist they came from the sky and are called the nommos.

They told the dogon they came from a star called sirius. The dogons weren’t the only people visited from above, during pre-history the sumerians called there gods the oannes, which were also amphibians, a certain theme appearing here! They brought the secrets of mathematics, writng and astronomy to the people of mesopotamia, acknowledged as the birthplace of civilization.The oannes god was part man, part fish and they also had a connection with the star sirius. Stories from ancient times and some people even believe the bible account stories of visitors from space, how were the pyramids built, who built the stone statues on easter island the list goes on. I’m not saying these people were not capable of buliding these monuments, but why are ancient stories , such as the epic of gilgamesh and decoded ancient tablets describing visitors from above and all appear fish like in appearance.

It’s easy to deny the extensive research into this, some would say conspiracy, but if its part of our history why are we not taught this in school, it’s part of our genetic makeup. Darwin’s tree of life show we evolved from the sea, so would have been fish like in appearance many, many years ago, whether an alien race intervened is open to debate. But again and again ancient cultures repeat the mantra of fish/serpent gods ruling over the masses, from the mayans , to egypt, to the indus valley, theres a missing link which has never been explained. Did they come from sirius to educate us or enslave us, the anwsers are around us right now, make up your own mind.

Close encounters in 1878

The first appearance of the term “saucer” was in 1878 , nearly 70 years before the famous Arnold sighting . On January 24 of that year, John Martin, a texas farmer, who lived just south of Denison, saw a dark disc-shaped object sailing high in the heavens “at a wonderful speed”. When relating what he saw , he described the thing as a saucer. * Two giant luminous wheels estimated as about 130 feet in diameter were observed spinning above the surface and then slowly descending into the waters of the persian gulf by the crew of the ship vulture on may 13 1879.

The following year a british east company steamer, Patna sighted wheels of a similar sort in the same part of the ocean. Years later other reports added to the mystery. Again in the persian gulf a huge rotating wheel was observed by the S.S. Kilwa on April 10 1901 and in the gulf of Oman a giant wheel was observed by a british steamer. These semi- aquatic spinning wheels have been thought by some to originate in the oceans or possibly be submersible spacecraft. * On the morning of august 12 1883 Senor Jose A.V. Bonilla director of the Zacatecas observatory in Mexico was studying sunspots when he noticed a whole succession of luminous bodies crossing the sun in the same direction. In two hours he counted 283 bodies and the next day 116 of these UFOs . Bonilla was convinced that these mysterious bodies were ” travelling in space near the earth, but not so far as the moon”.

Close Encounters and the Egyptians

Millions of people have seen objects in the sky, which they couldn’t explain. This series of stories coincides with the release of my new song , Top secret in a couple of weeks. * One of the first ufo sightings is featured on an egyptian papyrus more than 3,400 years old, which records the sightings of numerous brilliant round objects in the sky, witnessed by Pharoah Thutmose III, his army and his scribes. *

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