Autumn Reading

  1. Black elk speaks – John.G. Neihardt
  2. Gone – Michael Grant
  3. Ash – James Herbert
  4. The return of the gods – Erich Von Daniken
  5. Last and first contacts – Stephen Baxter


In my spare time I like walking in the countryside and enjoy birdwatching. Living in north west wales we are about an hours drive away from snowdonia national park. We are very lucky to spot red kites regularly and also hen harriers , which are quite rare. We also feed the birds in our garden and have many visitors such as house sparrows, blue tits, blackbirds and robins. One of my favourite birds is the swallow, as it signifies the start of summer , as its a migrant from africa and returns there in early september.

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The mayans were an ancient civilisation from south america and very knowledgeable on the workings of the solar system and the galaxy. They had many cycles connected to the stars and a cycle called the long count comes around every 5000 years, which is due on the winter solstice , 21st december 2012. on this day the sun will rise within the dark rift of the center of our milkyway galaxy, an event which occurs every 25800 years.

Mayan hieroglyphs describe this dark rift as the cosmic womb or black hole, through which wizard kings entered other dimensions accessing sacred knowledge. The black hole is the cosmic womb from which new stars are born, including ourselves. References to this alignment were encoded in numerous mayan temples and the long count is the result of a shamanistic experiment conducted in secret , where the initiated would enter different states of conciousness. The knowledge and accuracy of there astronomical findings is incredibly accurate and without the help of telescopes or advanced technology. Its interesting to think with the current state of the world, such as ecological problems and religous tensions that we are living on a precipice and 2012 seems strangely significant. So what will happen on this date, maybe nothing, but I do not believe it will be the end of world, more of a shifting of conciousness and hopely a brighter future for planet earth.

Diary of Creativity 21

I’ve been rehearsing songs to record in a few months for the new album ‘Hegelian Dialectic’. Also writing short stories and working on my first novel,’Dark moon’. I will be releasing a new song called ‘Let It Go’ early next month. Thanks for reading.

2010 – Recording New Album

I will be recording new songs this year and hope to improve the quality. I have 15-20 songs to record with titles such as perception, time and space , rising moon and faith. The new song RITUAL is available to download now and is about the music industry and what it means to be the listener and consumer.

Top Ten Songs at the Moment – Rock

  1. Sirens – Pearl Jam
  2. Glory and consequence – Ben Harper
  3. God save the queen – Sex Pistols
  4. Free yourself, free your mind – Indigenous
  5. Heatseeker – AC/DC
  6. Far green hills – Willie Nile
  7. Comes a time – Neil Young
  8. A conspiracy(live) – The Black Crowes
  9. Breed – Nirvana
  10. Rocker soul – 42 Decibel

Thoughts and Reflections- The Modern Age

I grew up in the nineties , where computers were in an early state of evolution and mobile phones did not exist. Now we seem to be overwhelmed with technology, with corporations in competition for large amounts of money. I’m not against this new age, but wonder where it takes us as human beings. Many sci- fi novels and films take a brave look into the future, such as neuromancer by William Gibson and the animated manga film, ‘Ghost in the shell’. They show a world where technology is so advanced that the virtual reality world is so real that it can’t be distinguished from normal reality. Other films like the matrix, even show that the world we live in is not even real. Will we head in this direction , with technology advancing so quickly it may not be that far away.

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My Favourite Albums at the Moment

As well as writing songs I listen to alot of music, which sometimes inspires me. The type of music I listen to changes all the time, but always approach new sounds with an open mind. Because when I or other people write songs it is just a refection of personal experiences and sounds which have been absorbed and processed over time. At the moment I am listening to alot of new albums and some older ones, which are listed below. Without music the planet would be a strange place , it seems natural to me to express a feeling in a song and without the artists and bands that have kept me company over the years I do not know if I would have played guitar and composed any songs. Friends come and go, but the music is always there.

Here’s my list of my favourite albums at the moment:-
1)Mike Oldfield – music of the spheres
2) Beth Orton – central reservation
3) Gaslight anthem – american slang
4) Bob Dylan – highway 61 revisited
5) Airbourne – No guts, no glory
6) Black crowes – croweology
7) Stone temple pilots – stone temple pilots
8) Future sound of london – lifeforms
9) Levellers – levelling the land
10) Ozric tentacles – the hidden step

Pearl Jam Live at Manchester Arena, 17/08/09

On the 17th of august I went to see pearl jam at manchester, the last time I went to see them was nine years before at the same venue. Being a big inspiration on my music I was looking forward to the gig for many months. After a few beers , we arrived at the arena, gomez were supporting and warmed up the crowd well.

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