Diary of Creativity 14

I’ve been practicing songs to record later this year for my new album, ’13’. The tracklisting is as follows – 1)control 2)sad 3)travelling 4)move-along 5)conversation 6)transition 7)grail 8)echo 9)love 10) broken promises.

Diary of Creativity 28

Just finshed recording an EP called Love on 1st september and will have the following tracklistng…1)heaven 2)know your rights 3)comet 4)Love. It will be released early next year as a full download. Also written 15 other songs for my future project called Panspermia. Meanwhile next week I’ll release a 5th song from Hegelian Dialectic called running scared. Thanks for reading and showing an interest.

Summer Visitors

Every summer millions of birds migrate from afar a field as africa and travel as far as 12,000 miles. But how do they arrive at exactly the same nesting spot every year. It’s just a mystery. In the UK we have many migrants such as chiff chaffs, swifts, swallows and house martins. The summer sky is fall of these amazing birds and there arrival marks the start of summer, as they raise young to prepare to return to far away lands.

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