Diary of creativity 22

I’m still finishing off songs for the new album and have been designing a front cover for the release. Also writing short stories which I may release on the web. In the meantime enjoy my new song, Let It Go. Thanks for reading.

Diary of Creativity 19

I’ve been working on new songs for my new album, have 13 in a early state of evolution. Hopefully to record later this year. Also in the process of writing a novel called Dark Moon, which is a kind of paranoid thriller. A new song from my new e.p Top Secret , will be released sometime in April. Thanks for reading.

Diary of creativity 13

I’ve been busy writing lyrics , which are more autobiographical in nature and have composed 4 to 5 songs this year. Its a conceptual project of internal feelings and emotional expression, about the past, present and future. It combines the positive and negative and the song selection will express these opposites and hopefully balance out into a strong album.

Diary of Creativity 27

It’s been an emotional year and my guitar has been an anchor during this time. Creativity is a release where the negative can become a positive. Working on a new project called ‘Panspermia’, I’ve written 4-5 songs so far with titles such as fear and love, hurricane and all I want. I’m still immersed in my current project, Hegelian Dialectic, continually expanding the storyline. Thanks for reading and listening to my music it means alot. Cheers.

Diary of Creativity 14

I’ve been practicing songs to record later this year for my new album, ’13’. The tracklisting is as follows – 1)control 2)sad 3)travelling 4)move-along 5)conversation 6)transition 7)grail 8)echo 9)love 10) broken promises.

Diary of Creativity 28

Just finshed recording an EP called Love on 1st september and will have the following tracklistng…1)heaven 2)know your rights 3)comet 4)Love. It will be released early next year as a full download. Also written 15 other songs for my future project called Panspermia. Meanwhile next week I’ll release a 5th song from Hegelian Dialectic called running scared. Thanks for reading and showing an interest.

Diary of Creativity 21

I’ve been rehearsing songs to record in a few months for the new album ‘Hegelian Dialectic’. Also writing short stories and working on my first novel,’Dark moon’. I will be releasing a new song called ‘Let It Go’ early next month. Thanks for reading.

Diary of Creativity 7

I have been busy designing a new website, with the help of my brother, which will coincide with the release of new songs. I am still writing songs now and then, so it is deciding on 12 or 15 songs to record and release hopefully before christmas.

My Favourite Films at the Moment

1) Big Fish – Director – Tim Burton
2) Ghost in the shell – Dir – Mamoru Oshii
3) Pans Labyrinth – Dir – Guillermo del toro
4) Pom Poko – Dir – Isao Takahata
5) A scanner darkly – Dir – Richard Linklater
7) Crouching tiger, hidden dragon – Dir – Ang Lee
8) Avatar – Dir – James Cameron
9) The Ring – Dir- Hideo Nakata
10) Into the wild – Dir – Sean Penn

Diary of Creativity 26

It’s been abit of a struggle in the last few months coming to terms with my mums death, playing guitar and writing songs has been a great help and may record and release two songs dedicated to her called ‘Waterfalls of Love’ and ‘Hurricane’ encapsulating the feelings I have at the moment, feeling lost and vulnerable to emotional currents through out my body. Its hard to accept , but realise I have the memories forever.

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