Diary of Creativity 26

It’s been abit of a struggle in the last few months coming to terms with my mums death, playing guitar and writing songs has been a great help and may record and release two songs dedicated to her called ‘Waterfalls of Love’ and ‘Hurricane’ encapsulating the feelings I have at the moment, feeling lost and vulnerable to emotional currents through out my body. Its hard to accept , but realise I have the memories forever.

With my current album Hegelian Dialectic a new song called Traditon will be released very soon, continuing the individuals journey into the unknown taking the the listener on an abstract ride through the mind of initiation into hidden truths, will the temptation of fame allure the artist in. Is it me or my alter ego, does this mythical society exist, or is it a game of chess, where the trap is set. I dedicate all these songs to my mum, where I believe the sprit lives on, in the rolling clouds, in the dawn chorus in the infinite space up high. Its a lost planet, where love is our hope, let’s remember who we are, good will prevail and the cycle will be fulfilled. Thanks for reading and take it easy. Peace:)