My new song visited is a reflection of my interest in history and ancient civilizations. Most people have heard of atlantis and today is regarded as a myth, there are many theories that say it was a very advanced civilization and was destroyed mysteriously about 11,000 years ago. After this three advanced cultures appeared, sumer, known as the “cradle of civilization”, egypt and the indus valley. The sumerians were the first known people to study the stars and develop the written word.

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My Favourite Albums at the Moment – Electro

  1. Eels – electro- shock blues
  2. Sonic youth – washing machine
  3. Bruce Springsteen – wrecking ball
  4. Pearl jam – lost dogs
  5. Prodigy – the fat of the land
  6. chemical brothers – exit planet dust
  7. Portishead – dummy
  8. Foo fighters – foo fighters
  9. Crowded house – farewell to the world
  10. Juana Molina – un dia

What I’m Listening to – Rock & Grunge

  • Neil young and crazy horse – psychedelic pill
  • Kate rusby – 20
  • Lau – race the loser
  • Pearl jam – live on ten legs
  • Soundgarden – king animal
  • Idlewild – warning/promises
  • Gomez – liquid skin
  • Alice in chains – black gives way to blue

My Ten Favourite Gigs

1) The black crowes- wolverhampton civic hall – 1997
I have been a black crowes fan all my life and are one of the best bands I have seen live. This was on the three snakes and one charm tour and they were really on form.
2)Pearl Jam – Manchester evening news arena. august 17, 2009
My favourite band and my biggest inspiration. I saw them first in 2000 at the same venue and really enjoyed that gig, but 2009 was a special moment, feeling emotional and singing along with alive, unforgettable.
3) Tinariwen – womad festival, reading 2004
With two friends, we really felt we had been transported to the desert, one of the best bands in the world.
4) Oysterband, cambridge folk festival, 1999
Really enjoyed this gig. the band were on good form.
5) AC/DC – nec, birmingham , 2000
After listening to AC/DC all my life, I was really looking forward to this gig and was not disappointed. Played all the classics, brilliant.
6) Return to the source, brixton academy, london 1998
An all night party of psychedelic trance and ambient sounds, danced all night.
7) Rachid Taha, Womad, Wiltshire 2008
Really good atmosphere and life affirming set, crowd were great.
8) Altaikai , Womad 2008
A throat singing band from mongollia, brought to tears by their honesty and connected to the sounds of their natural world.
9) Apache Indian – musicport festival, Whitby 2006
Really good atmosphere, danced through the whole gig.
10) Grooverider. Phoenix festival, near stratford. 1996
Went to this festival with friends from college and spent most of the time in the dance tent, with grooverider, a drum and bass artist, being my favourite.

Diary of Creativity 8

Sorry I have not kept you updated for a while(if your interested!) . but I have been busy compiling my tracklisting for my new album and adding a couple of new songs written in the last month or so. The tracklisting for the album, “As Above, So Below” , is as follows:-

  1. Summer sun
  2. Ghosts
  3. Constellation
  4. 21st century
  5. Instinct
  6. Rising moon
  7. Sometimes
  8. Hidden
  9. 2012
  10. Driftin
  11. Signals
  12. Celestial sphere
  13. Defiance
  14. Light of hope
  15. Goodbye

The recording of the album will be done early this year and the quality will be greatly improved. Thanks for showing an interest and have a good 2011.

Music I’m Currently Listening to Reggae

  1. Green day – uno
  2. Band of horses – infinite suns
  3. Bob Marley – rastaman vibration
  4. Pearl jam – manchester uk, june 21, 2012
  5. Peter Tosh – legalize it
  6. Guo Yue – music, food and love
  7. Soundgarden – badmotorfinger
  8. Burning spear – marcus garvey/garveys ghost
  9. Eat static – abduction
  10. Eddie Vedder – into the wild
  11. Kate Rusby – the girl who couldnt fly
  12. David Darling and the wulu bunun – mudanin kata

Diary of creativity 23

Just about to record my new album, Hegelian Dialectic, hopefully release the first track early in 2014. Also writing my autobiography about my life and struggle with mental illness, hopefully release the unfair stigma attached to it. May release it in stages on my website. Will also be putting a song up to download in a couple of weeks called Hold On. Thanks for reading and showing interest.Peace.

Outside The Outsider’s

I’ve finished recording my seventh album, titled ‘Outside the Outsider`s’. The tracklisting is listed below

  1. Animal
  2. Cradle
  3. In Time
  4. Summer of ’17
  5. Home
  6. Outside the Outsiders
  7. Generation X
  8. Black
  9. Blue Sky
  10. Divided
  11. Fading Sun
  12. Messenger
  13. Infinite
Outside the Outsider's Art Work

The album will be streamed on my website for a couple of weeks from the 31st of October

2010 – Recording New Album

I will be recording new songs this year and hope to improve the quality. I have 15-20 songs to record with titles such as perception, time and space , rising moon and faith. The new song RITUAL is available to download now and is about the music industry and what it means to be the listener and consumer.

Top Ten Songs at the Moment – Rock

  1. Sirens – Pearl Jam
  2. Glory and consequence – Ben Harper
  3. God save the queen – Sex Pistols
  4. Free yourself, free your mind – Indigenous
  5. Heatseeker – AC/DC
  6. Far green hills – Willie Nile
  7. Comes a time – Neil Young
  8. A conspiracy(live) – The Black Crowes
  9. Breed – Nirvana
  10. Rocker soul – 42 Decibel
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