The winter slowly fades into memory
    As spring arrives in the vacuum to be…
    A swallow on the wing, a bee in the sun
    For the season has changed, spring has begun
    A carpet of bluebells, a primrose yellow in the glade
    An ancient oak tree opens it’s green cloak and the meadow awakes
    A chiff chaff calls & the cuckoo arrives for a day
    An orange tip passes me on the old country lane
    For my ancestors saw the same seasonal change
    It’s a wonder of delight and a song to remain
    A passing of time, an orbit of magic & love
    For it has no religion, or worship any god
    It’s a gospel of cycles
    From one age to the next
    It’s a rebirth of life
    It all connects
    For spring is an egg, for spring is a seed
    For everything follows…..this awakening…

Connection to Connection (A Short Poem)

  • Sun circling
  • I’m drifting to the centre
  • Galaxy swirling
  • I’m searching within her
  • inside mother nature
  • I’m looking for an anwser
  • thoughtless and open
  • I’m a thousand falling tears
  • broken and travelling
  • I’m a picture that reappears
  • Inside your mind, outside your brain
  • I freeze to dispell this fear
  • frequencies fly and computers rearrange
  • I connect to this sphere
  • numbers and equations
  • I find no soul within here
  • just cautious and afraid
  • I sell, but I’m no sear
  • just a number and a slave
  • I’m no barcode, just a ghost in here
  • what it means, this computer screen
  • I find no trust, just this fear
  • sun circling
  • wheres the truth
  • Is it within here
  • connection
  • to connection
  • I disappear

Summer Poem 2

  • Swallows and swifts
  • circle in the summer sky
  • butterflies open their wings
  • and fly, so high
  • the sun looks down
  • as shadows fall outside
  • the moon awaits
  • for the thoughts inside
  • round and round the circle goes
  • the green trees are alive
  • nature has no religon
  • for the bees always find their hive
  • since the creation of life
  • the invisible delusion of time
  • a big bang erupts
  • making a mistake in humankind
  • no blame on nature
  • for the summer is their time
  • man made wars
  • a conscious war inside
  • summer, summer let it breathe today
  • for the cycle is here to stay
  • whatever we do, whatever we say
  • it evaporates in time
  • in this game we play
  • let the sun shine
  • 93 million miles away
  • part of a galaxy
  • a universe miles away
  • summer sun
  • no need to worship today
  • summer sun
  • thankyou today
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