The mayans were an ancient civilisation from south america and very knowledgeable on the workings of the solar system and the galaxy. They had many cycles connected to the stars and a cycle called the long count comes around every 5000 years, which is due on the winter solstice , 21st december 2012. on this day the sun will rise within the dark rift of the center of our milkyway galaxy, an event which occurs every 25800 years.

Mayan hieroglyphs describe this dark rift as the cosmic womb or black hole, through which wizard kings entered other dimensions accessing sacred knowledge. The black hole is the cosmic womb from which new stars are born, including ourselves. References to this alignment were encoded in numerous mayan temples and the long count is the result of a shamanistic experiment conducted in secret , where the initiated would enter different states of conciousness. The knowledge and accuracy of there astronomical findings is incredibly accurate and without the help of telescopes or advanced technology. Its interesting to think with the current state of the world, such as ecological problems and religous tensions that we are living on a precipice and 2012 seems strangely significant. So what will happen on this date, maybe nothing, but I do not believe it will be the end of world, more of a shifting of conciousness and hopely a brighter future for planet earth.