My new song visited is a reflection of my interest in history and ancient civilizations. Most people have heard of atlantis and today is regarded as a myth, there are many theories that say it was a very advanced civilization and was destroyed mysteriously about 11,000 years ago. After this three advanced cultures appeared, sumer, known as the “cradle of civilization”, egypt and the indus valley. The sumerians were the first known people to study the stars and develop the written word.

With all the artefacts stone structures around the world, it showed that these people were very spritual and regarded the stars and rotation of the earth highly. Many anwsers , I believe to our past and evolution are linked to these civilizations and some believe they even came from space. Many ancient accounts describe flying machines descending from the sky and founding advanced civilizations on earth. In the indian culture they called the flying craft vimanas and around the world these craft were spotted and still are today. Watch the skies!