Ancestry – Who Am I ?

Currently my family and I are researching our family tree, to see how far back we can go. Living in britain it’s hard to find our roots, as many nations have invaded and settled in the country. Celtic tribes were originally one of the first to inhabit this country, with many people, even in mid- england speaking the native tongue, which survives today in parts of wales.

Many aspects of this culture survive in many unlikely places, such as the names of pubs , with names such as boars head, kings head and black lion being celtic in origin. Also everyday slang has celtic connections, such as ‘sly as a fox’ , ‘slippery as an eel’ and ‘busy as a bee’. So it will be interesting to see how family tree develops. Obviously we can’t go far back as the celts, but its likely alot of people have celtic roots. Whatever all our ancestors survived dark times in the past, such as world wars, famine and disease, so it’s a miracle were here at all. The way we are in personality in a way is a reflection of our ancestors, so in a way they survive to this day.