Close Encounters in the 13th Century

What might be called the first official investigation of a UFO sighting occured in Japan in 1235. During the night of september 24th, while general Yoritsume and his army were encamped, they observed mysterious lights in the heavens. The lights were seen for many hours,swinging, circling and moving in loops. The general ordered a full scale investigation and concluded it was the wind making the stars sway.

So even in the 13th cnetury cover ups were taking place, we still don’t really know why. In the 19th century reports of UFOs were reported widely in scientific publications, such as an account written by John Stavely of hatton garden, London, after observing what he thought were meteors during a thunderstorm on august 10 1809. He explained dazzling specks of light, dancing and traipising through the clouds and increasing in size and brightness. He finished, ” as the meteors increased in size, they seemed to descend”.