Thoughts and Reflections Into The Wild

Just finished reading, ‘Into the Wild’ by Jon Krakauer, a deeply moving book about a young man called Chris McCandless who walked alone into the alaskan wilderness, later made into a great film. It got me thinking about the reason why were here, I’ve never gone on a solo soul searching journey, but Ive spent many times walking alone next to the sea or in the welsh mountains. I have a deep empathy for nature and it’s magical mysteries. If you spend time with nature , it can teach us many lessons.

It doesn’t desire more than it needs, it just is. From the migrating swallows to the the solitary bee’s, everything has a place in the cycle. It’s humans that disrupt this circle of life, by plundering the rainforests, extracting oil and gold, man is instilled with a sense of greed and lack of responsibility. The oceans will continue to rise, the rainforests will disappear, but for what, more cheese burgers and fuel for the car. When I’m in the mountains I feel a sense of peace and awe, it’s an ancient state of mind. And as Chris McCandless discovered, it deserves alot of respect also. I don’t need the next fashionable car or mobile phone, I feel alive without them. It’s not that I disagree with the modern age, it’s just that I feel freer when Im not part of it.