Thoughts and Reflections 2013

Recently Greenpeace protesters aboard their ship artic sunrise were detained in Russia on ludicrous charges of piracy following a peaceful protest against oil drilling in the Russian artic. They were making a stand against exploitation of the artic, where companies such as Gazprom want to drill for oil, which is at the same time warming our world. What does this mean in the 21st century, what about future generations, will the act of protest be banned altogether.

Like in 2003 millions of people protested against the invasion of Iraq, but were still ignored. Where is the sanity in the world, still soldiers are in Afghanistan and Iraq, many becoming mentally scared for life. We’re entering troubled times, where I believe our freedom will be slowly taken away. Even musicians seem to have sold there soul , where’s the activism and stand against the elite, it’s all symbolism and social ladder climbing. Conspiracies may come true, David Icke may be right after all.

It’s a constant reality check, are our heroes part of a secert society, which seems to take on a mythical entity. The arrest of Greenpeace protesters just highlights how far there power will go to obtain these natural resources, they want it to run out, it is well known there are alternatives(electricity for example). It is not really a particular government, we all have responsibilities, but it’s an illusional democracy. It’s like a film, with it’s ending already written. Paranoia and fear are just tools they use to achieve this goal, it’s a game and the mind must be controlled. Free thinking must be contained, minds must be fed. Hopely we achieve some sanity on this planet in space, protest movements must continue and remember it’s no dream to be part of ‘them’, it’s better to be alone and with the ordinary people, that’s where the hope is.