Thoughts and Reflections on Floods

Apart from playing and writing new songs, I have been reading alot and just finished reading Stephen Baxters “Ark”, it tells the story of the earth flooding in the future. It got me thinking how the planet could be in the future and how much of a struggle lies ahead. With the endless conflicts in the world, it seems pointless when faced with such a problem as global warming.

Most people seem unaware of this, or just think it will disapear and go away, but it will not , all the money and technology will not mean anything when the planet floods. Some say it is part of the natural process and even evolutionary , but with the speed it is happening it seems more unnatual caused by pollution and corporate mis-use of the planet. I am not trying to make you panic or worry, we still have time to slow down this process, it is just about accepting that it is happening. So it is a crucial time in the planets history , time to put aside our differences and think of the future, not in the short- term but long term.