Thoughts and reflections on Corporations

Somedays it’s hard to be positive, it’s like our minds are in a prison. Everyday can sometimes feel like a chore, but in the UK we have certains freedoms that come with responsibility. If we oppose a certain war or policy, we have the right to express our opinion that’s democracy. But sometime this can feel like an illusion. We can buy or download any cd, purchase any book, but even this is tightly controlled.

The planet is run so say some people, by only 13 families, aristocratic in nature. Theres a world we don’t see, and the mind is constanly controlled as it’s the biggest threat to global corporations. It’s a conscious war that never stops, what we consume becomes who we are, our thoughts, our actions , our words. It’s a constant battle to remain positive , I don’t believe in revolution, but believe every human being is entitled to freedom of speach in every country, so we have to become good role models with this responsibility. Thanks for reading. Keep the faith.