Ancient Monuments – The Pyramids and Stonehenge

Everyone knows the pyramids of Egypt and they have become an iconic symbol of the ancient world. Alot of mystery still surrounds the pyramids and no real explanation has been agreed on how they were built and what they were used for. Many books have been written about these ancient monuments and many theories have surfaced. For example the pyramids perimeter length is 1,760 cubits and the imperial mile length is 1,760 yards, which indicates very ancient roots for the british measurement system. Stonehenge also has mathematical surprises , with the letter pi being depicted physically and mathematically at the stone circle.

The question is how did ancient man understand this mathematical constant and why was it so important to them. With the construction of the pyramids it has never really been solved, the great pyramid is made out of 2.5 million limestone blocks, each weighing 2.5 tons, an astounding achievement. Also perfectly round bore holes have been found in fallen granite pillars and according to some specialists only drills could have made these holes and some theories also suggest egyptians using ultrasonic drills, which use sound to vibrate at incredibly high rates. Obviously they are alot of questions about these people , how could they evolve so quickly from a neolithic stone age culture to an advanced organised civilisation in 500 or so years. Was there an intervention from a more advanced culture and what messages were they trying to leave behind. Its a mystery which we will probably discuss forever, but it seems to me that with the ancient people they must not be dismissed as primitive and backward. They had great knowledge and skills and were aware of every star in the sky. Maybe in the future the anwsers will arrive until then we will keep searching.