The Environment

We all enjoy a walk in the countryside, enjoying the sights and sounds nature has to offer. But with the increasing change in climate nature needs a friend, as it can not stand up and say no, it is a crucial time in the planets history. The climate change meeting at Copenhagen in december will try and address these issues and find solutions in reducing the impacts of climate change.

Here are some examples of environmental issues around the world:-
* Destructive fishing – oceans threatened by over fishing.
* Deforestation(amazon) – homes to 200,000 indigenous people threatened by deforestation. Accounts for a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions.
* Artic – Scientists predict the artic will be completly ice free by summer of 2030. Polar bear will be first mammal to lose its entire habitat.
As you see the planet is changing rapidly and many organisations such as greenpeace and friends of the earth are creating awareness of this problem. Hopely the world leaders will see sense and save this beautiful planet we call home.