Greece – ‘Gods and Philosophers’

I have a great interest in ancient civilisations and philosophy, it inspires me to write and sometimes influences songs. It is amazing to think in Greece, Egypt and even Britain there was a very different society, based on different beliefs and customs and this mythology has survived to this day.

In Greece they had many gods which ruled over certain dominions. Zeus , the king of the gods, ruled the sky, Poseidon ruled the sea and Hades ruled tartarus, the dark underworld far below the earth,where he looked over the souls of dead. There were many other gods and also monsters, such as medusa who was defeated by the demigod Perseus. This world slowly disappeared, but survived in stories such as “The odyssey” by Homer. Many, many years into the future Greece was to become the centre of philosophy, with great thinkers such as pythagoras, socrates, plato and aristotle. They gave the world a different way of thinking and left behind many interesting quotes, such as:-
“Above all things respect yourself”
” Do not yield to temptation except when you agree to be untrue to yourself” – both quotes from Pythagoras.
“An unconsidered life is not worth living” – Socrates
Consciousness is constantly evolving and many civilisations have influenced the world today, the power of words and thought is forever changing and inspiring the planet in its evolution and state of mind.