Hope and Strength

It’s been a tough few weeks, with my mum being ill with cancer and undergoing and operation, it puts things in perspective when you visit a cancer ward and inspires me how people find the strength and courage to fight such an awful disease. I’ve been writing several songs and processing my experiences over the last few months. Its hard to believe in god or any belief when you see such suffering, but I can understand how it helps some people. Hopely my mum will improve, just take it day by day and my thoughts are with anyone living with the illness.

It seems that this planet throws at us all kinds of tests and it seems a challenge just to get through a day, can’t imagine the suffering in third world countries without any medical care, lets hope for a better world. We just have to send out positive thoughts, we shouldn’t underestimate our conscious minds, we have the ability to make this world a better place, theres more good than bad. I will be releasing a new track from my concept album Hegelian Dialectic soon and is a journey based on someones rise to fame only to be faced with a choice, join the elite or remain true to the common man, facing insanity, and a quest to find the truth, it’s a thinline. Thanks for reading and remember theres better days ahead, don’t let the game get to you or me, we have faith. Peace.