Merry Christmas

Christmas is here again and time to reflect on another year. Christmas is celebrated in most countries of the world and is a festival celebrating the nativity of Jesus. According to the gospel of Luke, Jesus was born to mary assisted by her husband joseph in the city of Bethlehem. They were visited by several magi or astrologers who brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh after following a mysterious star, known as the star of bethlehem.

Not everyone attends church at christmas and like myself just enjoy spending time with the family, enjoying drinks and eating too much food! Decorations also add to the magic of christmas and in pre-christian times people in the roman empire brought branches from evergreen plants indoors in the winter.These customs were incorporated into christian beliefs with houses and churches being decorated with holm, ivy and bays. Ivy symbolised the coming to earth of jesus, while holly was seen as protection against pagans and witches. However the christmas tree has origins in pagan traditions and rituals surrounding the winter solstice.

With father christmas, christmas music and the celebration shared with friends and families , its a magical time , particularly for children, it adds abit of colour and light in what seems a cold and long winter.Anyway have a merry christmas and a happy new year. Thanks for listening .