The Creation of Life

Many people believe that human life came from space, developing from viruses and bacteria brought to earth by giant comets. Sir Fred Hoyle, a professor of astronomy at cambridge was the first to identify giant dust clouds that float silently through space, swarming with the ingredients of life. He claims a comet plunged through one of these clouds 4,000 million years ago and eventually crashed into earths atmosphere, amazingly producing plants, animals and eventually humans.

Scientists believe millions of comets bombarded earth, carrying randomly constructed genetic molecules that took root here. These comets contained dust of space, containing chemicals such as methane, formic acid and other substances crucial to forming simple life cells. So it means this is happening all over the universe, comets containing the elements of life are travelling vast distances in space, so theres definately life out there. Leading radio astronmer Sir Bernard Lovell believes theres 100 million stars in our galaxy, that have the right chemistry for life and there are billions more galaxies in our known universe. So we’re not alone and all life comes from a similar source and is a miracle to behold. Stardust we really are.