The Yeti, Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman

The search for the yeti is an on going quest for many scientists, zoologists and mountaineers.Some think it’s the ‘missing link’ in our evolution, but does it exist. Footprints have been found in the himalayas, the mountains of georgia and northwest america and canada. This half ape half man has many names including the yeti, the abominable snowman, bigfoot, the alma and sasquatch.

In 1979, a british expedition, which was in the himalayas found distinct footprints in the hinken valley and heard scream like calls, while in the cascade mountains in northwest america hundreds of sightings of bigfoot have occured. But what does this mean. Darwins evolutionary theory provided the theoretical basis on which yeti hunters base there on going search. But why is it so elusive and such a mystery. Sightings have been consistent over the years and in the himalayas, sherpas who live in the high mountains believe it exists. At Thyangboche monastery , in the shadow of everest, the abbot talks of the yeti that visits the monastery and one sherpa girl, Lakhpa Domani, describes an incident with a huge apelike creature, with large eyes and prominent cheek bones. The actual evidence for the yeti is a widerange of footprints, eye witness accounts and physical evidence, such as skulls and skin. Footprints have been reported by westerners as far back as 1887 and still occur to this day. But as with the sherpa girl eyewitness accounts occur now and then. Such as in 1975, polish trekker, Janusz Tomaszczuk claimed to have encountered an ape like creature near everest, it was over 6ft tall , but it ran away. These stories are accepted as normal by the sherpas.

In north america the ape like creature is called bigfoot or sasquatch. Many people have seen this creature but one story is amazing. In Canada in 1928 an indian named Muchalat Harry explained that he had been kidnapped by a male bigfoot and carried off to a camp, where there were twenty assorted bigfeet! He eventually escaped and many encounters have occured since, such as in 1922 when some miners at mount st helens, after sighting and shooting at a ape like creature, suffered attacks of flying stones for several days. Crazy as it may seem , theres definately something going on in north america. Whether its bigfoot , no one knows but the people who have seen it, have no question theres something out there.

And finally in russia, the creature is known as the alma seen by many, such as during the second world war, when fleeing refugees claimed to have seen the creature. The search for this ape like creatures has become a worldwide passion, but it still remains a mystery. Do they exist, I don’t know , but it remains forever elusive and if ever found it could change our perspective on science and evolution forever. But for now the search goes on and in the mountains the sherpas will forever hear the eerie scream of the yeti.