Thoughts and Reflections on Musical Influences

Music is forever changing and its easy to be caught in a time warp. I grew up in the 90s and listened to alot of the alternative bands, such as pearl jam and soundgarden. Over the last few years I lost faith in contemporary music and could not really connect with the new music coming through. But I find there’s always a handful of good bands every year and recently bought the new gaslight anthem and hold steady albums and really liked them.

People listen to what they listen to, I have no problem with that, you like what you like. But it is important to know what went before. My dad had a big record collection, so at an early age I was listening to the grateful dead and little feat. It is easy to be ignorant , but music is important to alot of people , so if people still listen to bands from the past, such as myself, understand that it fills a void and helps in lonely and hard times. People will keep making music and people will want to listen, its part of the planet and will never change.