Thoughts and reflections on Corporations

Somedays it’s hard to be positive, it’s like our minds are in a prison. Everyday can sometimes feel like a chore, but in the UK we have certains freedoms that come with responsibility. If we oppose a certain war or policy, we have the right to express our opinion that’s democracy. But sometime this can feel like an illusion. We can buy or download any cd, purchase any book, but even this is tightly controlled.

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Thoughts and Reflections 2013

Recently Greenpeace protesters aboard their ship artic sunrise were detained in Russia on ludicrous charges of piracy following a peaceful protest against oil drilling in the Russian artic. They were making a stand against exploitation of the artic, where companies such as Gazprom want to drill for oil, which is at the same time warming our world. What does this mean in the 21st century, what about future generations, will the act of protest be banned altogether.

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Diary of Creativity 7

I have been busy designing a new website, with the help of my brother, which will coincide with the release of new songs. I am still writing songs now and then, so it is deciding on 12 or 15 songs to record and release hopefully before christmas.

My Favourite Films at the Moment

1) Big Fish – Director – Tim Burton
2) Ghost in the shell – Dir – Mamoru Oshii
3) Pans Labyrinth – Dir – Guillermo del toro
4) Pom Poko – Dir – Isao Takahata
5) A scanner darkly – Dir – Richard Linklater
7) Crouching tiger, hidden dragon – Dir – Ang Lee
8) Avatar – Dir – James Cameron
9) The Ring – Dir- Hideo Nakata
10) Into the wild – Dir – Sean Penn

Close Encounters – UFO’s in Lubbock

Official documentation of UFO’s began in 1948 when the US air force created project sign and later project grudge eventually becoming project blue book. During it’s 18 years of activity it accumulated 12,600 sightings, with 701 being classified as ‘unidentified’. For example on an evening in august 1951, several college professors sitting on a porch in Lubbock , Texas saw a roughly semicircular formation of lights sweep rapidly overhead.

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Connection to Connection (A Short Poem)

  • Sun circling
  • I’m drifting to the centre
  • Galaxy swirling
  • I’m searching within her
  • inside mother nature
  • I’m looking for an anwser
  • thoughtless and open
  • I’m a thousand falling tears
  • broken and travelling
  • I’m a picture that reappears
  • Inside your mind, outside your brain
  • I freeze to dispell this fear
  • frequencies fly and computers rearrange
  • I connect to this sphere
  • numbers and equations
  • I find no soul within here
  • just cautious and afraid
  • I sell, but I’m no sear
  • just a number and a slave
  • I’m no barcode, just a ghost in here
  • what it means, this computer screen
  • I find no trust, just this fear
  • sun circling
  • wheres the truth
  • Is it within here
  • connection
  • to connection
  • I disappear

What I’m Reading

  • 33 revs per minute(a history of protest songs) – Dorian Lynsky
  • 48 – James Herbert
  • Earth:an alien enterprise – Timothy Good
  • The mountains rise(embers of illeniel) – Michael g Manning
  • For the moon is hollow and aliens rule the sky – Rob Shelsky

Diary of Creativity 26

It’s been abit of a struggle in the last few months coming to terms with my mums death, playing guitar and writing songs has been a great help and may record and release two songs dedicated to her called ‘Waterfalls of Love’ and ‘Hurricane’ encapsulating the feelings I have at the moment, feeling lost and vulnerable to emotional currents through out my body. Its hard to accept , but realise I have the memories forever.

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My Top 20 Favourite Singers

Here’s my top 20 favourite singers

  1. Jim Morrison(the doors)
  2. Layne Staley(alice in chains)
  3. Kate Rusby
  4. Eddie Vedder(pearl jam)
  5. Bon Scott(ac/dc)
  6. Natacha Atlas
  7. June Tabor
  8. Chris Cornell(soundgarden)
  9. Bob Marley
  10. Adam Duritz(counting crows)
  11. Mark Lanagan
  12. Sandy Denny(fairport convention)
  13. Mari Boine
  14. Kurt Cobain(nirvana)
  15. Brandon Boyd(incubus)
  16. Greg Allman
  17. Joey Ramone
  18. Mark Arm(mudhoney)
  19. John Jones(oysterband)
  20. Dave Grohl(foo fighters)
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