The Universe

Sitting here listening to the cosmic rough riders album, enjoy the melodic sunshine, it occurs to me what an insignificant dot we are in the vastness of space. We are 149,600,000km from the sun, any more closer and we would not even be here. We are in a galaxy called the milkyway in which our solar system is located. It is made up of billions of stars and there millions of galaxies in the universe,mad is it not!

It always amazes me, when I think how was this created, some say god, some say the big bang, but how can something be created from nothing! Apparently the big bang was over in 30 minutes, over the next 300,000 years the universe continued to expand, eventually billions of years later galaxies were formed. So the probability of life existing in the galaxy and universe is very high.

It provides endless inspiration for my songs and for me puts everything into perspective. Were not here forever and in relation to the age of the universe(about 12.7 billion years old) were here for a tiny amount of time. So as we travel through space, I realise how precious time really is and how we should all get along, as we are still at an early part of our evolution.