In my spare time I like walking in the countryside and enjoy birdwatching. Living in north west wales we are about an hours drive away from snowdonia national park. We are very lucky to spot red kites regularly and also hen harriers , which are quite rare. We also feed the birds in our garden and have many visitors such as house sparrows, blue tits, blackbirds and robins. One of my favourite birds is the swallow, as it signifies the start of summer , as its a migrant from africa and returns there in early september.

Living in the countryside for most of my life , I feel more comfortable in the mountains and valleys than a city. We can have all the technological wizardry we want, but to me, walking and seeing a red kite in the sky, beats playing a computer game anytime. Nature is free to enjoy and provides happiness for many people, but with global warming the future seems uncertain. It’s our responsibility to preserve these natural wonders for future generations, so they can enjoy the sound of the morning bird song and see a eagle soaring in the sky.