Black Holes

Beyond Earth is an infinity of space, that man has only just begun to explore. One of the greater mysteries and baffling is the phenomenon known as black holes. They cannot be seen and there existence is shown by the effect they have on other objects. They are like whirlpools in space. Any object that strays to near will be sucked into it’s dark maw. Where it goes no one knows. Do giant suns and galactic dust cease to exist, or do they travel into another dimension.

Black holes are giant stars which have suddenly collapsed inwards, in a process which is infinite. It goes on and on. The gravitational pull of this object is so great nothing, not even light can escape it. Scientific laws no longer apply. Study of stars such as in the constellation cygnus has shown clouds of gas being drawn from the star into the black hole. As it approaches the event horizon(the point of no return) the gravitational pull of the star and the black hole conflict , light emitted seems to stand still. Black holes lie at the center of every galaxy and luckily we exist in a relatively safe place, but could you avoid being sucked into this abyss or would we enter and find ourselves in a different universe or even travelling back in time. Finally could black holes hold the universe together by drawing planets and stars towards them. If so in a million of years time the universe could simply be swallowed up, vanishing into nothing. we would be no more!