Everyone dreams, but living in the modern world we have become dis-connected from there meaning and importance. With the constant rush of life, spritual thought is often excluded and the search inward is seen as a luxury, only available to monks and lost ancient cultures. For example the christian tradition recognises the importance of dreams, as christ himself gained strength from his dreams as he wandered for forty days and nights in the wilderness. Even satan kept a distance, as he dared not interupt the spritual trance.

The ancients recognised the importance of dreams and were seen as a direct route connecting the human mind to the spritual realm. Away from waking conciousness and sensory perceptions of the body, the sprit enters an alternative state, which is an experience of the sprit world. In the dreamworld we perceive this world and are approached by angels, demons and sprits of the dead. The ancients were intune with both the waking and dream worlds and saw the world differently to how we see it now, both were as important as each other.