Global Environment Update

Russian giant Gazprom has shipped the world’s first offshore artic oil into europe. Greenpeace activists were there to protest along with thousands of others. It is show of corporate greed and shows how far these companies will go in there quest for black gold. Also the amazonian rainforest is being endlessly plundered with no conscience, much of the illegally obtained hardwood is used as garden decking and deforestation rose by 28% last year. Land is also converted to enormous farms and fires create this space.

The amazon like the artic is home to amazing wildlife and for future generations deforestation must stop. The planet is an amazing place and has been through some many dark times, people do care and charities like greenpeace are defiant and loyal to there cause. Check out there website and educate people on the injustices taking place today. I believe the world is becoming out of balance with this senseless plunder and were all trapped in a lifestlye which contributes everyday to this problem. It’s a frustrating situation, but we can all do a little and hope it outweighs the bad. We must not give up hope