Thoughts and Reflections – Global Warming

I’ve been a member of greenpeace for many years and must thank them for keeping me updated on the environmental troubles in the world. I chat to many people, particularly about global warming and can’t believe how many people are in denial. If its not affecting them directly they just deny the truth and facts produced each year by charities such as greenpeace.

For example the endless burning of fossil fuels is causing damage to the environment , in places like the artic, where since 1979, more than 20% of the polar ice cap has melted away and now five artic states are battling to get territorial claims of the region to obtain oil underneath the ice, is this the real reason for global warming? The artic is one of the most extraordinary ecosystems on the planet, indigenous people share this amazing place with a rich variety of wildlife, such as polar bears, seals and caribou.

Who is going to stand up and say no more, corporations won’t because they seek profit, the governments won’t because there connected to the corporations, so its, yet again left to the public and various charities. We must stand up and defiantly say no to this oil-rush and other crimes against nature(such as illegal logging), or this world will be a sad place to live, especially for the children. This planet is precious and so is life, lets act like we love this earth, because the rich and powerful never will.