Native Americans – A Short History

Colombus discovered north america, although it was already inhabitated by many indigenous tribes, such as the sioux, navajo and the apache. From 1492 to 1890 several million europeans colonised and enforced their ways upon the people of the new world. The spaniards were some of the first to invade this new land, they were not really welcomed as they looted and burned villages, also kidnapping hundreds of people to be sold as slaves in europe.

The first speaking white man arrived in virginia in 1607 and the powhatans fought the english , but were overpowered and over a short time eight thousand powhatans were reduced to less than a thousand. Although the indians did assist and live in peace with the english, the white man continued to come ashore and started felling trees in an area called new england. The indians started to resist the invasion, although some wanted peace, ,such as the Iroquois and the shawnees.

In 1829 Andrew Jackson became president of the united states and during his frontier career, he and his soldiers slain thousands of cherokees, chickasaws, choctaws, creeks and seminole. More than three centuries has passed since colombus landed and the land once green in trees was now destroyed, everything including humans, animals, birds and fish, it had become a wasteland. This taking of land and various treaties continued late into the 19th century and symbolically ended at wounded knee in december 1890. It is a heartbreaking story, which was unfortunately repeated all over the world in australia with the aboriginies and africa As red cloud said ” They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one, they promised to take our land and they took it”.