Thoughts and Reflections on Chaos

As the native american, Black Elk said life is a circle, like the seasons in nature. It’s hard to see where this circle is going, with climate change, war and poverty, will there be a positive change. From the slums of south america th the shanty towns of africa wheres the sharing of wealth and equality of life. Greed is the enemy, corporations control the day. From the cd you buy to the petrol you put in your car it’s a vicious circle. We’re all unknowingly contributing to the change in climate, it’s a trap of which it appears we have no escape.

Was atlantis in a similar age of technological revolution, destroying itself in chaos and greed. Is there a solution, is there a way to say no. Do we need the next i-pad, do we need to go on holiday again, do we need the lifestyle they sell. Corporations contribute alot to daily life in music , art and film, but have no respect for the environment. If there was a balance and a way to respect the planet, then maybe the future could be bright. I don’t know , it’s all in the choices we make, no ones perfect, it’s just a shame to see nature struggle. It’s a planet worth saving.