Thoughts and Reflections – Cosmic Friends

So here we are in 2012 , no flying cars or spaceships, yet! But still the technological revolution goes on. I suppose we’ve become so accustomed to computers, that we’re less suprised when a new phone or computer game comes out. It’s a strange evolutionary process where its more outward than inward, trying to fill this void and fear with material items.

I’m not critizing the internet, its a great invention, connecting the world and sharing music and opinions. But where are we going , the mayans believed 2012 to be a very significant year and with all the conflicts and environmental catastrophes, its easy to believe the planet is coming to a critical point in it’s evolution. Planets have been found orbiting stars in our galaxy and our knowledge of the universe is growing year by year. So maybe we’re on the verge of discovering we are not alone in the universe. Maybe that’s the discovery which will occur in 2012. And when the aliens land they’ll not want to see a mobile phone or a computer game, but us. As inside we are living breathing life, with a sprituality which is cosmic in foundation, the stars are in the sky but there also within us.