Hegelian Dialectic

Chapter One – Memories
A declaration of love from son to mother, the innocence of love and the question of mortality. Witnessing the loss of life and realising the precious moments that have passed by. The fight between wisdom and materialism , the future of a galaxy of stars. The individual looks towards love and the feeling of emptiness that stands before him, will he comprimise or stand by his inherited love.

Chapter Two – Tradition
Now alone he starts his ascent in the music world, aware but naive. A transformation , a subtle change, yielding , to hopely find enlightenment. Reluctantly succumbing to the control, “turn me on, drop me out”. It’s a search for fame, “rainbows of love” (GOLD/POWER). Lose the inherited wisdom , become a symbol of the all-seeing eye, realising theres no backtracking..”diagnose the insane”……

Chapter Three – The Fifth sun
…..Now regretting his direction he trys to buy back his credibility. “Whose side are you on” he sings to himself, unsure of his new found fame. Days are lost he questions the origins of this society and now his part in it, realising he’s surrounded by liars and mercernaries,can’t find a way out, “it’s a propaganda war” …the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC….

Chapter Four – Duality
….The artist starts to look back on his life realising he has been selected and chosen many years ago for his present role..”want to resist …but they endlessly persist”. Thinking he has done ok, has money, realising the pyramid starts when young in the classroom, sarcastically thinking he’s no slave. Defiant he stands when alone, but naive in the arena. A duality of his personalty and like the people around him a success, but what his is his role, got this sunset…”male and female..heads and tails” …there’s two sides to this story.