Searching For The Truth – A Discussion

Somethings cannot be explained and these interest me more than any fact or accepted truth called history. Education isn’t a bad thing, I appreciate being able to read and write , but why aren’t we taught about unseen or alternative history. Is there some conspiracy to cover up the truth,. But what is the truth what do solitary monks wish to find, what is enlightenment , maddness?!. George Orwell was eerily accurate with his novel 1984, to think diffrently is a crime or to even think at all , why are we bombarded with a lifestlye we can’t afford, do we aspire to be celebrities.

Theres so much information out there now with internet, ufos, alien bases, giant skeletons. But where does that leave us, if it was such a big secret then why the easy accessibility to this information. Alot of my songs are influenced by the mystery and hidden hands at work, secret societies, arcane knowledge, nothing is what it seems. Do lizards control the planet, or are we being led astray into far right ideologies. The truth is to scary to contemplate, if you knew, how would you know, some claim were living inside a hologram, but I believe its real, we make it real just by observing.

I’m not so cynical of certain groups, freemasons promote brotherly love and encourage charity groups, while other sinster groups gather to worship babylonian gods, sometimes I wonder at the maddness of it all. We have no power, but we have power to do good, helping unfornate people is very rewarding, and not as selfish as searching for enlightnmnet all your life. So I believe life exists in the universe and am pretty certian they’ve visted this planet, do they have a role in the elusive conspiracy, what is there agenda, are there alien bases on the moon. So I believe many conspiracis are like religons, where the controllers amuse themselves with countless diversions.

But what is true we’ve lived through alot of pain and suffering, world wars, genocide of indigenous cultures, will we ever learn, is it part of a plan a new world order as they say, whatever the truth is somewhere up there I just hope not to encounter it, it’ll be to much to carry……